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Champion: Los Angeles Lakers     Score: 175

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In the first round, you get 10 points for picking the series winner, with an additional 5 point bonus for getting the number of games correct. This doubles in each round all the way through the NBA Finals. (80 points for winner, 40 point bonus)

First Round

#1 Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks in 5

#8 Orlando Magic

#5 Miami Heat


#4 Indiana Pacers

#2 Toronto Raptors

Raptors in 5 4

#7 Brooklyn Nets

#3 Boston Celtics


#6 Philadelphia 76ers

#1 Los Angeles Lakers


#8 Portland Trail Blazers

#5 Oklahoma City Thunder

Thunder in 7 Rockets in 7

#4 Houston Rockets

#2 Los Angeles Clippers

Mavericks in 7 Clippers in 6

#7 Dallas Mavericks

#3 Denver Nuggets

Nuggets in 6 7

#6 Utah Jazz

Second Round

Milwaukee Bucks

Heat in 6 5

Miami Heat

Toronto Raptors

Celtics in 7

Boston Celtics

Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers in 5

Oklahoma City Thunder

Dallas Mavericks

Nuggets in 7

Denver Nuggets

Conference Finals

Miami Heat

Heat in 7

Boston Celtics

Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers in 6 5

Denver Nuggets

NBA Finals

Miami Heat

Lakers in 5

Los Angeles Lakers