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The top 100 bracket entries on NBA Bracketology.

Entry, Owner Score Champion
Copon, Alejandro Rivas 37 Pacers View
TooMuchIsNotEnough, Korbjäger 36 Bucks View
Miles , Miles 36 Pelicans View
Jimmy, Jimmy 34 Lakers View
Alon, Alon Amir 34 Bucks View
Copinha NBA de basquetebol masculino , Ruan Brandão 33 Lakers View
Meu Peição da Massa, Diogo Moreira 33 Pacers View
to88, Tanner 33 Pelicans View
d1cemancd0, d1c3mancd0 32 Pacers View
Chuckperson, Chuck Person 31 Pacers View
Wow (Owen Wilson voice), Bracketoligist 31 Bucks View
Smokey BBQ brackets, Andrew Hunt 30 Lakers View
FootBasket.com, Josh Dhani 30 Lakers View
point differential equations, Peter Nencka 📊 30 Bucks View
Cette fois c’est Thérèse qui encule, Optional Jokic 30 Pacers View
Olsie Perry, Gilad Perry 30 Bucks View
L.A. COPA, Magic 29 Lakers View
Bull34, Zacharyschlr 27 Suns View
Dan’s Purfekt Bracket, Dan Smith 26 Pacers View
Spocky’s Bracket, Daniel McMahon 25 Lakers View
KN Bracket, Khang Nguyen 25 Celtics View
Copa do Brasil da NBA, Bruno Petri 25 Lakers View
frauds, Alex Zhou 25 Celtics View
ronwal7, wallace7 25 Bucks View
Edo, EDO 25 Bucks View
Wes Wayward Picks , Wes Chang 25 Pelicans View
Seatleti Supersonics, Gallego 24 Celtics View
Teleko choices, Luis Pascual 24 Kings View
LakeShow, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 24 Lakers View
Chalk, The Sports Geeks 23 Lakers View
zmoney, zeebs 23 Celtics View
Gabarito, マテウス 23 Pacers View
Pour Tanguy, Antoine 23 Bucks View
Erdőkertes Warriors, Ervin Bicskey 23 Bucks View
Michael, MDiggyDog 23 Celtics View
Ez, Bakrichod 23 Suns View
Architects of Bracket Anarchy, Matt 23 Knicks View
Tom, Tom 23 Suns View
Amr, Alessandro Scott Amaranto 22 Celtics View
Play with Pace, Terry007 22 Pacers View
MVReaves, Gallis 22 Lakers View
LA, Alush 22 Lakers View
InjuryProneBoned, I Embiidiately Regret This Decision 22 Kings View
LeBronology GOAT, Kutchang 21 Lakers View
Better than an actual ring, JV Dave 21 Celtics View
4daWin, WhoYouGot 21 Bucks View
Rafael bracket, Rafael Herrera 21 Lakers View
Jaxatron, Jax 21 Lakers View
W bracket , Ty 21 Lakers View
Yall2, fletch 21 Bucks View
walron7, wallace7 21 Pelicans View
Goldberg’s Gutsy Picks, Ivan Goldberg 21 Celtics View
Jason Lo's predictions, 羅昭顯 21 Lakers View
., him 21 Celtics View
Meatballs, Mert 21 Celtics View
In-Season-2023, Shalhevet 21 Lakers View
CeltãoSemFreio, Caio Costa Sandim 21 Celtics View
Ronin, Hattori Hanzo 21 Celtics View
Marjiee, Marjiee 20 Suns View
Gotta be KD, Vithushan N 20 Suns View
First ever, Arik Cheshin 20 Celtics View
ילא מלחמה, tamir yanay 20 Celtics View
Kings for the 1st, Victor Bakker 20 Kings View
Cams Picks, Cameron Jesudasan 20 Pacers View
Jonathan, Jonathan Velazquez Sierra 20 Celtics View
Zaz1, Zaz27 20 Celtics View
In Season, Pat 20 Kings View
In Season Random, Pat 20 Celtics View
Inaugy Incy, Tim Parker 20 Celtics View
Solo1, Solo 20 Celtics View
Dara Carmina, YoungK0b3 20 Bucks View
Tops, Joseph Tope 20 Bucks View
Tis the in season to be jolly, Phil Trieu 20 Pacers View
IST Lakeshow, Jesse Amon 20 Lakers View
All-in season , Harry Poker 20 Celtics View
new 20 Pacers View
John Mac, YouNoahNothing 20 Suns View
dEViant, LadyCorn 20 Bucks View
IST23, wave 20 Lakers View
ist, Jeff 20 Celtics View
Battle For #17½, davy 20 Lakers View
Draymond A Donkey, Bandu 20 Celtics View
PushDaPace, David S 20 Pacers View
Copinha Adão Prata, Rafael Gomes Martins 20 Bucks View
Pour Yannick , Tanguy 20 Pacers View
Heat in 4, OwenBluman 20 Pacers View
Buddy MVP, Nicolas M 20 Pacers View
Pedro Favre, Pedro Favre 20 Lakers View
ABracket, Deven Abrams 20 Celtics View
Clem, CLEMENCE 20 Celtics View
Bert, Albert 20 Celtics View
Perfect?, Aaron Josephson 20 Lakers View
Bracket Name , Laz 20 Bucks View
RenzoPanda, Panda 20 Pacers View
Goknicks!!!, Rob Popielarz 20 Celtics View
Renzo Panda, Panda 20 Pacers View
Mario R, Mario Rodríguez 20 Celtics View
The Truth, Nishanth Para 20 Bucks View
NBA Cup Championship, Thomas Martin Matheson 20 Celtics View
Idk, Your Everyday Dude 20 Celtics View