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The top 100 bracket entries on NBA Bracketology.

Entry, Owner Score Champion
DM4 Goiti, Jon Goitisolo 200 Lakers View
Gus Alves, HEAT FAN #1 BAM MVP, Gustavo Alves 195 Lakers View
#17, st 185 Lakers View
fabro, Fabro Rampulla 185 Lakers View
Shaked Knows , Shaked Kestelman 180 Lakers View
5Head Predictions, Ralphydot 180 Lakers View
Luke's Bracket, MAX 180 Bucks View
Talib's Bracket, Talib 180 Lakers View
Bol Bol the GOAT, Uri 180 Lakers View
Tchelo Cinderella Story, Marcelo Costa 180 Heat View
Freakanomics, Prince H B 180 Lakers View
Slap ass, V-Brawler 180 Lakers View
Hopefully wrong, James 180 Nuggets View
Bracket, vreezy 175 Lakers View
NateH, NateH 175 Bucks View
Tom, Tom Karagiannis 175 Lakers View
Dad's Bracket, MAX 175 Celtics View
Arbo 1, Arbo 175 Lakers View
Lurk > Nurk, IdRatherBeLurking 175 Bucks View
Porto, Vinícius Porto 175 Lakers View
Stefan de Zeeuw, Stefan De Zeeuw 175 Celtics View
Gianmarco, Stefano Peruzzu 175 Lakers View
Matt B, Matt Brown Sr 175 Lakers View
Leo’s controversial bracket, Leonissimo 175 Lakers View
Kobe Bean, Ferndizzle televizzle 175 Lakers View
Ripcityontheyass, Susman 175 Lakers View
Jokmeister 1, Jokmeister 175 Lakers View
Tragic invulson, Daniël Cicilia 175 Lakers View
Jacob Aghelian, Jacob Aghelian 175 Lakers View
Trenches World, Trenche 175 Lakers View
Biogenesis' #1 Client, Ryan Schusler 175 Lakers View
JPR & da Pussycats, Joshua Paul Robins 175 Lakers View
LAKERS Bracket, Mikey LAKERS 170 Lakers View
Torço pro Lakers, André D'Angelo 170 Bucks View
Chicken McBuckets, Ryan Vansant 170 Lakers View
Best Bracket, Aaron 170 Celtics View
Show me the money, Hadar Har-gil 170 Lakers View
Iggy AndreUala, Niki Torick 170 Lakers View
LeBron James, The Baller 170 Lakers View
bracketa, DaniNuggets 170 Lakers View
Pot luck, Con Crowley 170 Lakers View
Tarvi ennustus, Tarvi Rohulaid 170 Lakers View
AlexCollazo, Michael Collazo 170 Nuggets View
BrackLivesMatter, ChampagneLukie 170 Bucks View
Aalok, Aalok Shah 170 Nuggets View
Michael Porter Jr FTW, D Wade 170 Nuggets View
Zaki, Zaki Ansari 170 Lakers View
Nico Ho, Nicolas Ho 170 Lakers View
Ggggg, Ellen 170 Bucks View
X, Yap Wystan 170 Lakers View
Faheem, Faheem 170 Nuggets View
stintixi, argipap 170 Celtics View
Upsets are overrated (Tiel), Tiel van den Heuvel 170 Lakers View
i love lamp, Kenneth Romero 170 Lakers View
This is my Bracket, Brodie 170 Bucks View
#WashedKing, Dimitris Athanasiadis 170 Lakers View
Make Los Angeles great again, Simas Liepinaitis 170 Lakers View
SB - Nugs West Conf Finals, Bowzy 170 Lakers View
Bracket, Danny Farber 170 Lakers View
Spurs devia ta aqui, Vitor Junckes 170 Lakers View
WE GOT SHOOTERS, Emanuel Tesfaw 170 Heat View
Nba playoffs, Davide Veraldi 170 Bucks View
Bracket thijs, Thijs Bongers 170 Celtics View
The don , Ish Zubairu 170 Nuggets View
The don part 2 dubs only , Ish Zubairu 170 Lakers View
Mac's Bracket, Mac Sinsky 165 Lakers View
Shlakot, Noam Baltiansky 165 Clippers View
Liat Ben Ari , Noam Baltiansky 165 Clippers View
anthony , Anthony 165 Bucks View
Lebron Wins , Ansh 165 Lakers View
jem, Jeluel Villaganes 165 Lakers View
Ryo De Janeiro, Ryryry 165 Lakers View
max, Maxbricken 165 Lakers View
Pacific Fair West , KD's Burner Account 165 Clippers View
Church of Bracketology, Jonatan Simon 165 Clippers View
Toni, Antonio Dias 165 Lakers View
Tank Balls, Tank Balls 165 Lakers View
Nuggets Nation, Alberto Motta 165 Lakers View
Antetokounmp0-1, Gavin Davis 165 Lakers View
Ya damn skippy , Henk 165 Clippers View
Nba, Jason 165 Lakers View
Morgs , Morgan Buchanan 165 Celtics View
Jan Thiel, Iring 165 Lakers View
lets get it, Bao Lai 165 Lakers View
Serlinnnn, Serliyahoo 165 Bucks View
Cile a caso, cile 165 Bucks View
2020 Eray Bracket, Eric Ray 165 Lakers View
ZAID bracket, ZAID 165 Lakers View
Bracket 1, Adam 165 Lakers View
Guggo's bracket, Andre 165 Lakers View
Nba playoffs 2020, Josh 165 Lakers View
Mike K., Michael J Krywokulsky 165 Lakers View
NC LA, Carregueiro 165 Lakers View
Akos' Bracket, Akos Boros 165 Lakers View
#fuckthebucks, Bosco17 165 Celtics View
TG Gonna Win, Tom 165 Nuggets View
BiscuitsBiggestFan, Jared 165 Lakers View
Bubble Buster, Steven 165 Lakers View
Pacers, Franz Lucero 165 Lakers View
ThisTheOne, The B Train 165 Lakers View