Champion: Denver Nuggets     Score: 250

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Scoring: In the first round, you get 10 points for picking the series winner, with an additional 5 point bonus for picking the number of games the series will last. This doubles in each round all the way through the NBA Finals. (80 points for winner, 40 point bonus)

First Round

#1 Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks in 5 Heat in 5

#8 Miami Heat

#4 Cleveland Cavaliers

Knicks in 7 5

#5 New York Knicks

#2 Boston Celtics

Celtics in 4 6

#7 Atlanta Hawks

#3 Philadelphia 76ers

76ers in 5 4

#6 Brooklyn Nets

#1 Denver Nuggets

Nuggets in 5

#8 Minnesota Timberwolves

#4 Phoenix Suns

Suns in 6 5

#5 Los Angeles Clippers

#2 Memphis Grizzlies

Lakers in 6

#7 Los Angeles Lakers

#3 Sacramento Kings

Kings in 7 Warriors in 7

#6 Golden State Warriors

Second Round

Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks Heat in 6

New York Knicks

Boston Celtics


Philadelphia 76ers

Denver Nuggets


Phoenix Suns

Los Angeles Lakers


Sacramento Kings

Conference Finals

Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks Heat in 7

Boston Celtics

Denver Nuggets


Los Angeles Lakers

NBA Finals

Milwaukee Bucks


Denver Nuggets