Champion: Los Angeles Lakers     Score: 95

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Scoring: In the first round, you get 10 points for picking the game winner, with up to a 5 point bonus for picking the margin of victory (5 points if MOV is correct, 4 points if off by 1, etc). This doubles in each round all the way through the Championship. (80 points for winner, 40 point potential bonus)


#1 Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks by 10 24

#4 New York Knicks

#2 Indiana Pacers

Celtics by 6 Pacers by 10

#3 Boston Celtics

#1 Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers by 3

#4 Phoenix Suns

#2 Sacramento Kings

Pelicans by 2 10

#3 New Orleans Pelicans


Milwaukee Bucks

Bucks by 2 Pacers by 9

Boston Celtics

Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers by 6 44

New Orleans Pelicans


Milwaukee Bucks

Lakers by 5 14

Los Angeles Lakers