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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Dino Dynasty, Alex English 325 Raptors View
Jared, JaredMontini 240 Warriors View
Playoffs, Jerry West 235 Warriors View
Bracket2, Idhant Jena(Tim Duncan in D5,Shaq in D720) 235 Warriors View
major yikes, Josh Barber 230 Warriors View
The Izzone, spartan dawgs 230 Warriors View
Amare stoudamire, Nick X Schwane 200 Bucks View
Bucks in 6, Joel 200 Bucks View
Jeremiah's Bracket, Jeremiah 200 Bucks View
Butchered Bball Bracket, JayZ 200 Warriors View
Playoff Celtics are a thing :), Ian Noble 195 Warriors View
#OneLastDance #DWade, Shane Battier 195 Warriors View
Dell Demps D5, Stuff the Magic Dragon 185 Warriors View
Down with the Dubs, G Gervin 175 Bucks View
The Best Bracket , Joshua Doyle 150 Rockets View