CDNIS Playoff Brackets

Created By: Samir Thakore

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Raps all the way boiz, Cameron Seymour 300 Raptors View
laKers will win, Russell C 285 Raptors View
Easy Money, Bench Warming 235 Warriors View
Enton's Bracket, Enton Cheng 230 Warriors View
DuB BracKeT, max 230 Warriors View
Bulls will win in 2021, Samir Thakore 225 Warriors View
niBBer, Nicholas Tong 225 Warriors View
THREEPEAT, Elan Cheng 205 Warriors View
Miami Heat are the Champions, Chun Wai Leung 180 Warriors View
Fat W, Arthur Blum 165 Warriors View
lakers didn't make the playoffs, Starstar 160 Warriors View
ethans bracket, Ethan Agren 145 Warriors View
Celtics in Foh', ChunSan Leung 135 Celtics View
Foul, And 1 130 Rockets View
Rockets ALL THE WAY, Anthony Ho 95 Rockets View