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Entry, Owner Score Champion
“Get that garbage outta here”, Lisa 345 Raptors View
Goatnalysis, TheGOAT 295 Raptors View
Freddy VanKrueger, RCHIERCH 290 Raptors View
KAWHI-eting the East , Kelsey 285 Raptors View
EnerGee, Greg Drakes 280 Raptors View
Mel , Don't Poke The Bear 260 Warriors View
Tony, TONY BE B@LL1N 250 Warriors View
THE CHEAT SHEET, Ty 240 Warriors View
Winnerweiner hotdog dinner, bryan 240 Warriors View
Cantillion, Denning 220 Warriors View
Lucky Irish, LuckyIrish 220 Warriors View
Dad, Isaiah/Warriors We Can Do It 215 Warriors View
Joyce's picks, Joyce 195 Warriors View
Leon hard on Kawhi for a Raptors Championship, Ninja 195 Warriors View
Theeyetest, BballGuru 180 Warriors View
Beck-a-bam, Beckabam 165 Warriors View
Sarah Hasnoo, Sarah Hasnoo 50 Not selected View