Bored Degenerates Take 2

Created By: Ross Arnowitz

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
You just got baptized bitch, MPtheGOAT 235 Warriors View
Chalk, Arman 215 Warriors View
The Bracket Guru, Peter 210 Warriors View
Ross' like probably decent nba bracket, Ross Arnowitz 195 Warriors View
Slak, Andrew Cieslak 190 Warriors View
He jumped the fucking fence, Sean 185 Warriors View
PG and RW = $, Dylan Delaquila 185 Thunder View
Pistons Baby, Pacers=Bums 185 Thunder View
Trash, Matt Meyer 180 Rockets View
Buck in 6, Nick McHugh 170 Bucks View
Not a Smart Bracket, Ray Pattanaik 170 Warriors View
Just Going With My Gut, William Barnard 160 Warriors View
Tall Dom's Bracket, Dominic Dixon 150 Warriors View
The Greek guy wins, Joey Lieberman 135 Bucks View