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Entry, Owner Score Champion
n00b, Jonathan Tam 395 Raptors View
kuwuaii, jtso 375 Raptors View
This is the year, Justin Chan 370 Raptors View
idk anything about basketball, bandwagoner 1 365 Raptors View
I Believe, Alex Bilibong T Lai 345 Raptors View
pops last playoffs, Brandon Leung 335 Raptors View
The Rreen Ganger , Bench Lin Pls 330 Raptors View
raps in 6, brian z 330 Raptors View
he STAY, Kingson 325 Raptors View
he stay, Kevin So 325 Raptors View
T. Dot prevails? , Angus Au 320 Raptors View
Mafuzzy Chef Special , Vincenzo 310 Raptors View
Spicy T, Toby Chung 300 Raptors View
how hungry are you, Travis Yeow 300 Raptors View
sbeve, Julian Leung 290 Raptors View
Demar DeFrozen, Kenny 290 Raptors View
rip BBB, Terry Leeshanok 260 Raptors View
BBB :), john 245 Warriors View
Dbo, Max Hau 240 Warriors View
Goooolaazo, Tony Wu 240 Raptors View
Hot takesss, Tommy Liang 240 Raptors View
Warriors or loss , Newman Law 235 Warriors View
LOL @ LEBRON, Terence Ma 235 Warriors View
Kawhi staying, Nathan Hung 235 Warriors View
three-peat, Chris Cheung 235 Warriors View
( :, Frank Long 230 Warriors View
paul pierce pooed his pants, reean 220 Warriors View
SE QUEDA, Hok Laam Cheng 220 Warriors View
Fear the Deer, Daniel Wang 205 Warriors View
:(, Jaydon Lau 205 Warriors View
Denzel gives all the bucks, Denzel Kwan 180 Bucks View, Kyle Wong 165 Warriors View
magic quit on the lakers, noBracket 165 Warriors View
yikes , Daniel Lin 160 Warriors View
Best bracket na, Beter Zhou 155 Warriors View
Fear the Beard and the Step Back , Anthony Pun 120 Rockets View