2019 NBA Playoffs Bracket

Created By: Abi P

13 members

Group Website: abi2324@gmail.com

*$10 entry fee* 1st- 70% 2nd- 20% 3rd- 10%

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
X Factor, Nitix 270 Raptors View
Ballislife, AP 250 Warriors View
The Real Bandwagon , Anisha P 215 Warriors View
Game Of Zones Bracket, Abi P 190 Warriors View
Terryn V, Terryn V 185 Bucks View
Imelda the Real MVP, Geo PJ 170 Warriors View
Nothing but Brackets, nigilv 165 Warriors View
3 Headed Dragons, Geo Athappilly 160 Warriors View
eNVytrio, Game Over 120 Rockets View
Alpha Beta Sigma Pi, Jewel Payyappilly 110 Rockets View
TouchdownTitans, Tina I 110 Warriors View
Zion Williamson, J baby 105 Thunder View
76ers are a joke, Scary Terry 95 Celtics View