3intheKey NBA Playoffs Bracket

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You thought the brackets were done in March? No way! Fill out your NBA bracket to redeem your March Madness bracket from last month. Who you got?!

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
3totheknee, Najib Ahmed 340 Raptors View
Raptors, Charles Macklin 315 Raptors View
Rick Sanchez C-137, Ahmed 265 Warriors View
3intheKey , 3inthekey 255 Warriors View
Fu, Fuad Ahad 245 Warriors View
The Right Picks, Elias El-Zein 240 Warriors View
I let my bracket do the talking, Rochelle Wacklin 235 Warriors View
They know I’m the goat , Aboubaker Bogoreh 235 Warriors View
Eddie Brock, ابن طلول 230 Warriors View
Tiny Ricks , Youssoupha Lô 220 Warriors View
Wai wai , Mutama 210 Thunder View
Celtics Rule, Colin 190 Warriors View
Yihh, SenWarrior 185 Warriors View
Shady Fire , Lulli 175 Warriors View
Tripper’s playoff predictions , Dave Tripp 170 Warriors View
Macho Madness, Will Wacklin 110 Rockets View