Lance's Take Note Playoffs

Created By: Lance Hendricks

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For a little fun, here's a playoff bracket

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
SuperFanDan, SuperDan 240 Warriors View
GSW to the chest, Erik Tadje 240 Warriors View
Mike's Magical Miracle Picks, Miguel 230 Warriors View
King James is East Coast dreamin', Jake Peacock 230 Warriors View
Home run time!, SuperSlope 205 Warriors View
Hendricks High Fives, Carol Hendricks 205 Bucks View
thelittlejazzfan, Cheri Hendricks 175 Bucks View
Always winning, Brett Jensen 165 Warriors View
A bracket where the Warriors don’t win the ship, Braydon Uffens 165 Bucks View
Lucky Lance, Lance Hendricks 150 Warriors View