NBA Twitter 2019 Bracketology

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Anthony's Bracket, Anthony Doyle 345 Raptors View
DG, David Garrigan 320 Raptors View
BallisLife_Cy, Cy 310 Raptors View
Luke's bracket , Luke25 255 Raptors View
Jacob Goldstein, Jacob Goldstein 250 Warriors View
MagicVagberg, Vagberg2 245 Warriors View
2019 NBA Playoffs (without LeBron James), tnecniV 240 Warriors View
Hugo’s bracket, YesHugz 235 Warriors View
Eric Menyac, Eaisa David 235 Warriors View
Stugotz Army, L Crowe 235 Warriors View
Darnzeee91, Craig Darnes 230 Warriors View
Kangz, John Janusik Jr. 230 Warriors View
Jacob Doyle, Jacob Doyle 225 Warriors View
Zora, Zora Neale Thirstin' 220 Bucks View
@rolNBA, rol 205 Warriors View
@VJVemu, Vijay Vemu 205 Warriors View
NCAA > NBA, James Lord-Prowse 205 Bucks View
Yo, Advancedstats23 200 Bucks View
Canasta, Fabio Casagrande 195 Warriors View
@MosijowskyChase, Chase Mosijowsky 190 Warriors View
Bucky Cooper, Bucky Cooper 190 Warriors View
Ball in the Family , Nabih David 190 Warriors View
Can't believe Melo is done like that , Corey Perez 190 Warriors View
EricLilly7, Eric Lilly 185 Bucks View
Bucks in 6, Mamba Out 185 Warriors View
Daniel, Daniel 185 Warriors View
Michaelgallo23, Michael 180 Warriors View
Alex Lilly, Alex Lilly 180 Bucks View
@sm00th_kw, Kevin Weller 165 Warriors View
Tactic bracket , Tacticman 160 Warriors View
Spikes_lee, Andrew Spikes 155 Warriors View
@JamesBKemmerer, JamesKemmerer 140 Warriors View
Bearcats Mood, Bearcats Mood 135 Warriors View
Who I Want, Josiah 130 Rockets View
Jackson’s bracket, jackson 100 Bucks View
Shanekelly31 , Shane Kelly 100 Thunder View
Strauss, nate ➐ 40 Rockets View
Alex Andrews 1, Alex Andrews 0 Not selected View