NBA 2019 Montréal

Created By: Charles-Antoine Lessard-Tremblay

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
The Denver Chicken Nuggets, Félix 340 Raptors View
nice bracket, LeBronto is OVER 285 Raptors View
N.C-A.A. , Charles-Antoine Lessard-Tremblay 275 Raptors View
Rapcity, Nich Pauly 270 Raptors View
L'gros Al, Alain Paquet 235 Raptors View
Dany Vibert, Dany Hilly Cachito Vibert 215 Warriors View
Larry_Fisherman, Larry Fisherman 195 Warriors View
Team Giannis, Raphaël Tremblay 150 Bucks View
Johnny Sins is the GOAT, Alexander Wu 145 Warriors View
My fantasy , Despresso Jones 110 Bucks View
childisheries, childisheries 95 Rockets View
Two eyed Cyclops, Gopher Police 80 Rockets View