Hoops I did it again

Created By: Alex Williams

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
A Kawhiet Place, dabikeman29 360 Raptors View
Shit Bracket, Andrew 245 Warriors View
Old Tone Road, Tony 235 Warriors View
Golden state of mind, Golden state of mind 225 Warriors View
As long as Butler loses.., Ben Williams 200 Bucks View
Skull28, Skull28USMC 195 Warriors View
Buck Off Golden State, Ashley Steinbring 190 Bucks View
Steph Infection, Tyler Herrmann 185 Warriors View
Kawhi aren’t the lakers in the playoffs, The Lakers 170 Warriors View
MichGolden State, Alex Williams 165 Warriors View
Buck the Trend, Waucckhewww 155 Bucks View
Stay Golden State Pony Boy, PDMS11 125 Warriors View
Bracket 1, Dave Roden 90 Rockets View