The O’Brien Throne

Created By: Alain Jean

9 members

Group Website: TheOBrienThrone

Let’s get it...first year without Lebron..we’ll get thru this together. If u pick golden state u a ho.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
King of the North, Alain Jean 315 Raptors View
The one true bracket, Donté DeWayne Terrelonge 240 Warriors View
Guru, DAJ_GURU 235 Warriors View
Cbvisions , Chris Bennett 225 Warriors View
Alex, Alex Oboupierresamsong 175 Bucks View
Lemonade, Sean Lemon 170 Warriors View
Phipp$, W⭐P 170 Warriors View
Who Will Survive???, Sabrina Joseph 165 Warriors View
Tossed Salad , ĪŁŁFŪTŪRĘ 130 Thunder View