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Entry, Owner Score Champion
CurrySplash, Danny Rose 140 Lakers View
Kobe, This Is For You! #Lakers2020NBAChamps, davy 135 Lakers View
Os Anjos Lagueiros, Nelson Almeida 135 Lakers View
FANTASY, Fonzo 130 Lakers View
Earl y Picks, Vincent Earl Aquino Cadano 125 Raptors View
Black Top, Mark Barrett 120 76ers View
"Mamba" Dan Mueller 24/8/2, Daniel Mueller 115 Bucks View
The winner , IL KINDER 115 Lakers View
This won't win, 001011010 115 Clippers View
Lakersfan, Jessie Jones 110 Lakers View
BucksGiannis#77, JR Wiles 110 Bucks View
Giannis Inc, Alex Chalupka PRO 95 Bucks View
Baker Juan, beely22 95 Clippers View
Bracket Prediction RussNboston, RussNboston 95 Clippers View
Tnelson1, Tony Nelson 24 95 Clippers View
Chalk, The Sports Geeks PRO 90 Bucks View
Micky2Times, Larry Harkins 90 Celtics View
My Bracket 2k21, KARMAAA 75 Raptors View
¯\_(ツ)_/¯, SweetReptile 55 Raptors View