2020 NBA Twitter Playoff Bracket

Created By: Eric Lilly

44 members

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
West>Martin, Joechal 400 Lakers View
Maryah, Michael from Jordan 355 Lakers View
Obi Toppin 1st overall , Cut Bobby Hart @bengals 310 Lakers View
Riccy Doug, Riccy Doug 295 Lakers View
X Gon' Give It to Ya, ɴɪᴄᴋ ᴋɪʀʙy 260 Lakers View
Big Girls Don’t Kawhi, Nabih David 225 Lakers View
Xavier has more players in playoffs than UC , Mitch Kresser 200 Lakers View
Knuck if you Buck, Michael 195 Bucks View
jaynay1's picks, jaynay1 180 Bucks View
BubbleWrap, BubbleWrap 160 Nuggets View
bonk, Alex Lilly 160 Bucks View
@EricLilly, Eric Lilly 155 Bucks View
Lob 1-16, James Lord-Prowse 155 Bucks View
Craig, Craig Darnes 150 Bucks View
Kill Your Masters, Chandler Jenkins 145 Bucks View
bop dash, rj 140 Bucks View
Bobby's Kneejerk Bracket, Bobby Mummery 135 Bucks View
Jaxbran, jackson 135 Bucks View
BOL BOL, Evan Wong 130 Clippers View
BracketVagberg, Vagberg2 130 Clippers View
Stand with HK, D Pang 130 Celtics View
Stand w/HK, D Pang 130 Clippers View
Go Raptors!, Michael T Bryce 125 Raptors View
hue's bracket, hue 120 Bucks View
NM, Advancedstats23 115 Bucks View
Bendog, Bennett Herbert 115 Bucks View
Jazzy Jeff, Jeffank85 115 Celtics View
This won't win, 001011010 115 Clippers View
Oh baby, Ewan McDonald 110 Clippers View
Fun guy, Jacob Archer 110 Clippers View
MyBracket2020, Clippsinseven7 105 Clippers View
Wishful Thinking, Jazz Fans Against Racism 105 Jazz View
Starting To Doubt The Process , Bucky Cooper 105 Clippers View
PIPM Ain't Easy, PlayInLyfe 105 Bucks View
Csonmage pléjof, Posgai Szabolcs 95 Celtics View
what I want to happen, more or less, Josiah 90 Bucks View
Loading..., Rohan 90 Clippers View
Bracket with a PURPOSE, Coomer 90 Clippers View
52424866 greatest nba bracket in history , Andy 85 Clippers View
Brendan Phillips, Brendan Phillips 85 Clippers View
Extreme ASU Bias, @cincinasty_ 80 Rockets View
mhc_76, Mike Chiodo 80 Rockets View
Will Rucker, Will Rucker 70 Clippers View