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Entry, Owner Score Champion
bob's booger, csx 300 Lakers View
bbq tendies, Ronan's Dad 230 Lakers View
Tacko Tuesday, Lil Peskoe 200 Bucks View
Snitch Hotline, Ina 180 Bucks View
Mum's the word, Mom the Bomb 175 Celtics View
Ryan Sun Jr., Ryan Sun 145 Nuggets View
Fun Guy, Nick S 140 Bucks View
Ryan Sun Sr., Dr. J 140 Clippers View
All in for the Green, Simon Said shoot the ball 135 Celtics View
Wings Over Atlanta, Lee 135 Bucks View
hornets all the way, ronan's mom 130 Clippers View
We all want Jimmy Butler's Mustache, Liam 120 Clippers View
Bubble 4 fun, Patrick Hoopster Gaynor 110 Bucks View
It's Clippy time, Richard 100 Clippers View
Buzz City, Eileen O'Driscoll 85 Bucks View
James Harden's Disney PPV account, nu 80 Thunder View