Bucketscenter 2020 bracket challenge

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
#17, st 185 Lakers View
Best Bracket, Aaron 170 Celtics View
JT_1, Joshua Terry 160 Bucks View
LukeDee Bracket (Raptors Repeat), 𝘓𝘶𝘬𝘦𝘋𝘦𝘦 🇨🇦 155 Raptors View
The green team ☘️, Connor N. 150 Celtics View
@forcexsixers, IGetBuckketts 150 Lakers View
epembeats, epembeats 150 Clippers View
Mafelesque1, Mafelesque 150 Bucks View
Mil0na's predictions, Mil0na 150 Lakers View
Dit, Adithy 150 Clippers View
Clipcity, Daniel 150 Clippers View
Dani, DaniB 150 Lakers View
Bob The Branker's Bronk Big, Bill 150 Clippers View
Comeon thats a sick bracket, Chris Torpey 145 Clippers View
Swish picks , Marier 145 Lakers View
Ez, Jacobsamb 145 Lakers View
Lebrahnnn JAMES, Ray Ruggiero 145 Lakers View
Treyman_33, Treyman_33 145 Bucks View
Lakers 2020, TBuckets 145 Lakers View
Brack Lesnar, ram jeruel 145 Celtics View
Cortex Bantam YT, Izaac Palma 145 Clippers View
Banner 18, Jack Conner 145 Celtics View
TheTruth, gigachad 145 Lakers View
bolbolisgoat, STEPH 145 Clippers View
Pole, Pauledo 145 Lakers View
NBA Playoffs 2020, Ben 145 Clippers View
Ryan 2020, Ryan Gilmartin 145 Lakers View
4 Kobe, Dilan Abdalla 145 Lakers View
Jc, JC 145 Lakers View
Nba2020, Andrius Masiulis 145 Bucks View
The GOAT, Jvalant Dave 145 Lakers View
jason god bracket, jason 145 Lakers View
Game 7, Sniper21 145 Lakers View
Buckets Mentality bracket , BucketsCenter 140 Lakers View
Jwan, Jwan 140 Bucks View
Nba playoff bracket, Mason 140 Lakers View
Finna be lit when bos win finals, Andironak 140 Clippers View
Sector, Sector 140 Lakers View
SwishMindset, swishmindset 140 Clippers View
HoopsPoint, HoopsPoint 140 Clippers View
Logies bracket , Logan💯 140 Lakers View
2020 Bracket, aaroncc1 140 Lakers View
W, NickyGetDuhBlickyUh 140 Celtics View
Clips 2020 champs unfortunately , Liam 140 Clippers View
Bot Myke, Michael Moss 140 Clippers View
omz bracket, omz brackets 140 Lakers View
Please, Quell 140 Clippers View
Adin Ross, Kevin B 140 Lakers View
2020 NBA Playoffs Most Accurate Bracket, I don’t know sports 140 Lakers View
Go Go Lakers, Uchiha Bryan 140 Lakers View
Bron 4 The Win, Easy Evan 140 Lakers View
Clippers Bracket, Idhant Jena 140 Lakers View
Best, Sloan 140 Celtics View
ADL01, Damiano A. Lorenzo 140 Bucks View
2020 NBA playoffs, Ethan 140 Clippers View
Ahmad Almasri #2, Ahmad Almasri 140 Clippers View
Brow FMVP, LAtotheA 140 Lakers View
A Dark Future, Rickard Bergenarp 140 Clippers View
AntoninFonteneau, Antonin Fonteneau 140 Bucks View
Simple., Solentos 140 Lakers View
Kobe, This Is For You! #Lakers2020NBAChamps, davy 135 Lakers View
Yo, Adey 135 Clippers View
Baller, Baller255 135 Clippers View
SKOL Bucks , Derek Johnson 135 Bucks View
The Winner, Go Vikes 135 Celtics View
official, Huncho 135 Celtics View
Os Anjos Lagueiros, Nelson Almeida 135 Lakers View
Los vente tu, Los Vente Tu 135 Clippers View
Gg, Alem Hamza 135 Clippers View
bballtakes27, bballtakes27 135 Lakers View
Ruot Bracket, Ruotniqqa 135 Lakers View
BoldBracket, Gabriele Paganelli 135 Bucks View
Ain’t worth .25 cents in china, Judah Johnson 135 Lakers View
Flip The Switch 2020, Flip The Switch 135 Clippers View
Vouuuz, Vouz 135 Clippers View
What am I doing , Brizac10 135 Lakers View
LA, Sniper21 135 Lakers View
Jeff, AsimHF 135 Clippers View
Bucksin6ix, Tagash 130 Bucks View
Ahmad Almasri, Ahmad Almasri 130 Bucks View
Toby's Bracket, Toby n Oliver 130 Clippers View
Eden, Eden Roitfarb 130 Clippers View
clips, Justin Cheon 130 Clippers View
Tacko Tuesday, Rhys 130 Clippers View
BOL BOL, Evan Wong 130 Clippers View
Max's Bracket, MAX 130 Celtics View
Etai's Bracket, EtaiE 130 Lakers View
1, ClawKawhi 130 Clippers View
Kylehoooo, Kyle 130 Clippers View
Beno2, Ed 130 Lakers View
Barcelona 8-2, Muntasir 130 Lakers View
Toronto rappers, Dor.smooha 130 Clippers View
Stand with HK, D Pang 130 Celtics View
Daniel Theis Finals MVP, Koen 130 Celtics View
Omri Tancman, Omri Tancman 130 Clippers View
My 2020 NBA playoff predictions , Justin Henry 🧢 130 Clippers View
FANTASY, Fonzo 130 Lakers View
Real, Fowad 125 Clippers View
GOAT Bracket(stop sleeping), Austin Matlock 125 Clippers View
Noah , noah 125 Clippers View
Armaan, Armaan Pardhan 125 Lakers View
Charlotte, Logan Strauss 125 Lakers View
@Chintan.Mody, Chintan Mody (@chintan.mody) 125 Lakers View
flanders, isaacbird 125 Lakers View
Pablos picks, Dylan Pearson 125 Clippers View
Go Raps, Jake 125 Raptors View
Almasri_34, Ahmad Almasri 125 Clippers View
1, Pipe 125 Lakers View
Well this won’t happen, Greenie 125 Celtics View
Buckets , Lifeofmoy 125 Lakers View
VK1 The Fun, Vasilis Kokkinis 125 Clippers View
Annual Orlando Magic's Participation Award, Sufian 125 Lakers View
Bubble TJ, Aydan Esmail 125 Lakers View
Lakers, CG_3 125 Lakers View
PO 2020 JPERICASC, PERICÀS🤘🏽 125 Lakers View
Buckaroos, Scott 125 Bucks View
Anthony Fauci's bracket, safi aslam 125 Clippers View
W, Quinn Webster 120 Lakers View
throwing, Jonathan Garcia 120 Lakers View
Buckets , Manuel Nero Moura 120 Clippers View
Fear the dear, Bryce Roehrig 120 Bucks View
Agus Coll, Agustin Coll 120 Lakers View
SANTIG, Girald 120 Lakers View
Ben D, Ben D 120 Bucks View
Harden Time, Reed Naumann 120 Rockets View
Sweep Ya Zoom Call, Comrad Vlad 120 Clippers View
And we back, Aim_Ed 120 Raptors View
Nostradarie, Nostradarie 120 Bucks View
dubs, Samir Farraj 120 Clippers View
swagdaddy69, swagdaddyseb69 120 Bucks View
Suhi, Suhi 120 Clippers View
Homer, Fowad 115 Trail Blazers View
17 for Bean, Waleed 115 Lakers View
Big baller brand, Rowan 115 Raptors View
XanderMander Bracket, XanderMander 115 Lakers View
2k20 bracket , Miki 115 Lakers View
Melaza, Jorge Leonardo 115 Lakers View
Lebron The GOAT, Jordan Baechler 115 Lakers View
Devon Becher, Devon Becher 115 Lakers View
Depressed sixers fan, Aayan.Manji 115 Bucks View
"Mamba" Dan Mueller 24/8/2, Daniel Mueller 115 Bucks View
Realistic Bracket, AronGu 115 Clippers View
All the way with which LA?, Dboy 115 Clippers View
Chutometria, rods1926 115 Clippers View
My first bracket, RobloxMinecraftFan2020 115 Lakers View
Bracky, Luka Krešić 115 Clippers View
Bubble Boiii, Phil 115 Lakers View
Taiwan Wilcox, Taiwan 115 Lakers View
lebrons 4th ring.. sikeee, Latinrey24 115 Clippers View
iLLsKiLLz, Kobe's Fade-away 🙏 115 Lakers View
Hasel bracket , Hasel the goat 115 Lakers View
Ethan’s Bracket 2.0, Ethan 115 Bucks View
winner, Ray Stein 115 Clippers View
Lakers, Wout 115 Lakers View
Greek Sweep, LAtotheA 115 Bucks View
Basketball boys , Luc 115 Lakers View
This Is My Winning Bracket*, Artiom Shepelevich 115 Clippers View
Mitch’s Bracket, Mitch Mason 115 Raptors View
Mamba Mentality, AP11 115 Lakers View
GOAT, Michael Boiness 115 Lakers View
MR. X, Jonas 115 Bucks View
This won't win, 001011010 115 Clippers View
BUCKS IN SIX, Tagash 110 Bucks View
Bracket1, Zach 110 Clippers View
LAKERS 2020, EasyAs123 110 Lakers View
100% correct , Chris 110 Rockets View
U, Uwais Arshad 110 Lakers View
Joseph’s Bracket, Joseph 110 Bucks View
CLIPPER5, DamionLeeCurtis 110 Clippers View
Serge , Serge Ibaka is Underrated 110 Raptors View
Bracket Lesnar, Andrewstacruz89 110 Clippers View
aletor80, aletor80 110 Raptors View
E T Go Home, Lidar Laban 110 Raptors View
Playoffs bracket, Charles 110 Clippers View
Raptors, MooCow 110 Raptors View
heart, Jason Sun 110 Lakers View
Tirada libre de 2, Vanlee 110 Clippers View
Nightmare Bracket, AronGu 110 Lakers View
bubblebracket, kai2296 110 Clippers View
Alternate Suns Bracket, Chef Hsieh 110 Lakers View
Lakers in Fo, Evan Johnson 110 Lakers View
Yesssirr, Yeah man 110 Clippers View
Lakersin5, Josh 110 Lakers View
PopeyesGotRats , PopeyesGotRats 110 Clippers View
predick, Tranvir Singh 110 Clippers View
Ballsy Bracket, The Ballsy One 110 Clippers View
bubble playoffs, cydrus 110 Lakers View
MarkCottage, Cottage Guy 110 Bucks View
Boomshakalaka, ejmar7inez 110 Clippers View
Grillardises 🤙, Alex Pumont 110 Clippers View
Beno, Ed 110 Bucks View
Forsureski, Nigel Kangethe 110 Clippers View
Bracket 1, JoePredicts 110 Lakers View
Ethan’s Bracket, Ethan 110 Lakers View
vhs.ja the goats bracket on bd, vhs.ja is the goat confirmed 110 Lakers View
clip , kc 110 Clippers View
Richie’s Prophecy, Rickard Bergenarp 110 Lakers View
Hopeful Bracket, EtaiE 110 Rockets View
2020, Pruthvi 110 Lakers View
ballsdeep, ballsdeep 110 Lakers View