SYDR bracket challenge

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Buckets Mentality bracket , BucketsCenter 140 Lakers View
Sector, Sector 140 Lakers View
Ruot Bracket, Ruotniqqa 135 Lakers View
FastbreakAlreadyWon, The Fastbreak 135 Clippers View
Ballz, 🅴RIC 125 Clippers View
Sweep Ya Zoom Call, Comrad Vlad 120 Clippers View
Craig Porter , Craig Porter JR 115 Lakers View
SWD Bracket, SWD Sports 105 Lakers View
Sixers in 4, jbarr30 100 Clippers View
Nice, ARYA 100 Celtics View
Follow @sidelineaccess, Slac papi 90 Bucks View
Riddles Bracket, Riddles 90 Clippers View
@The.NBA.Talk, The NBA Talk 70 Clippers View