Bubble Bracket 2020

Created By: Gurkeerat Singh

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Nicks correct bracket, Nicks Bracket 265 Lakers View
Wrong and true , Andrew Viett 230 Lakers View
I just like the names , Cassie Dawn 120 Raptors View
Cteezy bracket, Calvin 115 Raptors View
For the love of the game, Taher 110 Raptors View
Bubble bubble, Jimmy 110 Raptors View
Baaack2back, Gabriel 110 Raptors View
20/20 Vision, Abiman Sureskumar 110 Clippers View
lol no shot bucko , Raiz 100 Raptors View
New dynasty, Samin 100 Raptors View
Brazy Bracket, Gurkeerat Singh 95 Raptors View
it is what it is, Taher 90 Clippers View
Kawhi who, Steven 90 Raptors View