Challenge - $20 to the best bracket!

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$20 goes to the winner. No entry fee. Email if you win.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
#17, st 345 Lakers View
The Truth, ahmed 345 Lakers View
Ryo De Janeiro, Ryryry 325 Lakers View
Dani, DaniB 310 Lakers View
2020, corey 310 Lakers View
Lebrahnnn JAMES, Ray Ruggiero 305 Lakers View
Pole, Pauledo 305 Lakers View
2010 redo, Jose Carlos Montemayor 305 Lakers View
Ryan 2020, Ryan Gilmartin 305 Lakers View
4 Kobe, Dilan Abdalla 305 Lakers View
Ármin, Sohonyai Ármin 305 Lakers View
TJ's father wins, Kavin Krishnasami 300 Lakers View
Optimistic, Ahri 300 Lakers View
omz bracket, omz brackets 300 Lakers View
boring, Fowad 300 Lakers View
Sitton, Daniel Sitton 300 Lakers View
Team Jay, Jeremy Hooi 300 Lakers View
Bad, FlashSpider-man 295 Lakers View
., Blob Bob 295 Lakers View
Os Anjos Lagueiros, Nelson Almeida 295 Lakers View
LA, Sniper21 295 Lakers View
Etai's Bracket, EtaiE 290 Lakers View
innovativeartwork, CHVBBS 290 Lakers View
BENIS, 🕊kobekobe 285 Lakers View
nostalgia, ultra, chronichaos 285 Lakers View
Annual Orlando Magic's Participation Award, Sufian 285 Lakers View
PO 2020 JPERICASC, PERICÀS🤘🏽 285 Lakers View
Playoff Rondo, Tomasso Piccirilli 285 Lakers View
throwing, Jonathan Garcia 280 Lakers View
Weinberg's Hopefully Good Bracket, Roi Weinberg 275 Lakers View
Backup, Jorge Leonardo 275 Lakers View
Asaf, Asaf Cohen 275 Lakers View
Bubble Boiii, Phil 275 Lakers View
Hasel bracket , Hasel the goat 275 Lakers View
Katus sõidab - Lakers võidab, Mattias Malk 275 Lakers View
Zender's Picks, JesseZ 275 Lakers View
FEER THE DEAR, George Lee 270 Lakers View
Da best, Crazycerain 270 Lakers View
heart, Jason Sun 270 Lakers View
Alternate Suns Bracket, Chef Hsieh 270 Lakers View
Slick Rick, Rick Rodgerson 270 Lakers View
Richie’s Prophecy, Rickard Bergenarp 270 Lakers View
left, andrew.orioro 270 Lakers View
Josephine Bracket, Andrewstacruz89 265 Lakers View
“He got me,” Jacob said of Gabe's bracket. "That f***ing Gabe boomed me." Jacob added, “He’s so good,” repeating it four times., Gabe 265 Lakers View
bracketchallenge1, Jimmy M 265 Lakers View
ThisOneIs4Kobe, Gilbert Vargas 265 Lakers View
Max's Bad Bracket, Daniel Arkans 265 Lakers View
Game 7, Sniper21 265 Lakers View
Final Touch Vintage, Samuel Kauffman 260 Lakers View
Bracketology, Anjollibee 260 Lakers View
CurrySplash, Danny Rose 260 Lakers View
Ain’t worth .25 cents in china, Judah Johnson 255 Lakers View
Easy dub, Byrnesy 255 Lakers View
Dando, Dando's Ducks 255 Lakers View
Roni M - 1, RoniAM53 Bracket 250 Lakers View
Yup, Bim10 250 Lakers View
LeBracket, Manjot 250 Lakers View
Beno2, Ed 250 Lakers View
FANTASY, Fonzo 250 Lakers View
KC24, KC24 250 Lakers View
Lakers, CG_3 245 Lakers View
DBook, Reece Calvin 245 Lakers View
The best, Brando 240 Lakers View
Wilcox, Taiwan 240 Lakers View
Bessbracket, Za 240 Lakers View
17 for Bean, Waleed 235 Lakers View
CLE2020, specialk13 235 Lakers View
Ralph Remigio's Bracket, Ralph Noehl Remigio 235 Lakers View
Taiwan Wilcox, Taiwan 235 Lakers View
iLLsKiLLz, Kobe's Fade-away 🙏 235 Lakers View
Mamba Mentality, AP11 235 Lakers View
Highway545, Aljawann Reed 235 Lakers View
Laker First Take, Zulu 230 Lakers View
CP Bracket, CP 230 Lakers View
bubble playoffs, cydrus 230 Lakers View
bracket baby, ryan 230 Lakers View
Gmblackhawks , Gmblackhawks 225 Lakers View
I’m gonna win the 20$, Brad Weaver 225 Lakers View
🐐, Stepback Chen 225 Lakers View
LA , boihuang 225 Lakers View
TheBandwagonNBA, BandwagonNBA 225 Lakers View
NUMBER 17 BABYYY, Skerven B 225 Lakers View
Lakers2020, Leonel Martinez Marcano 220 Lakers View
lAkErS aRe iN tRoUbLe, Yasser 220 Lakers View
Not your mummys bracket!, Kobe's Fade-away 🙏 220 Lakers View
2020 stuff, san 220 Lakers View
Swarczi Bracket, András Svaier 215 Lakers View
tom, thunder tom 215 Lakers View
Fanis Kanellos #3, Fanis Kanellos 215 Lakers View
Lakerssssssss 666, John Kenneth Jacinto 210 Lakers View
JT_1, Joshua Terry 200 Bucks View
Main, IanTarantino 200 Lakers View
HeatFan3, Vincent Earl Aquino Cadano 195 Heat View
whythereisname, William Huang 190 Raptors View
GoGOFO, KC24 190 Clippers View
Brack Lesnar, ram jeruel 185 Celtics View
I'm in, New3400 180 Bucks View
The Right Bracket, nextshwekey 180 Heat View
Homer, Fowad 175 Trail Blazers View
yahelsasoni, Yahel 175 Clippers View
zhgzg, Kaden West 170 Bucks View
Fanis Kanellos #2, Fanis Kanellos 170 Bucks View
Winning Bracket Lmao, ItsDiglett 170 Bucks View
DoryEnBall, Dorian BALAAM 165 Raptors View
Buckaroos, Scott 165 Bucks View
Win1, Tory Mitchell Williams 165 Bucks View
ben's bracket, ben 160 Nuggets View
pjsbasicbracket, PJ 160 Bucks View
Raptors in 4 xd, tomaso12 160 Raptors View
Nuggets Win, Chris 150 Nuggets View
Toronto, Qayz 150 Raptors View
epembeats, epembeats 150 Clippers View
Clipcity, Daniel 150 Clippers View
NBA playoffs, Aman 150 Clippers View
2020 playoffs, Cyrill Angelo 145 Raptors View
Fear the dear, Mauromarrale05 145 Bucks View
Andrew's Bracket, Andrew Zeng 145 Bucks View
Xpert Picks, Xpert Analyst 145 Clippers View
Optimistic Bracket, Mihai Duduveica 145 Raptors View
Crazed, Ahri 140 Rockets View
memphisgrizzliesfan, memphisgrizzliesfan 140 Clippers View
The Answer Key, Scalabrine 140 Clippers View
Zadnjeuvrščeni, kot ponavadi 140 Clippers View
?, Mateus 140 Clippers View
Giannis Inc, Alex Chalupka PRO 135 Bucks View
BANNER 18, mralex289 135 Celtics View
2020 playoffs, Sadspursfan23 135 Clippers View
Gg, Alem Hamza 135 Clippers View
Gratefuldad2, Steve 135 Clippers View
Tin, Martin Bogliotti 135 Clippers View
I read books, Ammar Haq 135 Clippers View
THE Bracket, Joshua Fernandes 135 Raptors View
Flip The Switch 2020, Flip The Switch 135 Clippers View
BucksMania , Andrew Harrington 135 Bucks View
Nuggies let's get this one, TaylorHammond9 135 Nuggets View
SSkinnySamurai, SSkinnySamurai 135 Clippers View, dumbmatter 130 Clippers View
Winner bracket, JDOT 130 Heat View
B1, B1 130 Bucks View
BOL BOL, Evan Wong 130 Clippers View
1, ClawKawhi 130 Clippers View
B, Brendon McKay 130 Clippers View
Prediction, Aarya Rajesh 130 Clippers View
Dumbmatter Bracket, Noah 130 Clippers View
Stand with HK, D Pang 130 Celtics View
Stand w/HK, D Pang 130 Clippers View
Real, Fowad 125 Clippers View
NBA BRACKET, Byron 125 Clippers View
Well this won’t happen, Greenie 125 Celtics View
Bracket 1, Joseph pignato 125 Clippers View
LC1, Loris Cadelano 125 Bucks View
yas, Paulo Silva 120 Clippers View
Gg, TheUltimate123 120 Clippers View
ROCKETS WINNN, Eugene 120 Rockets View
El double , Airmanhs 120 Raptors View
And we back, Aim_Ed 120 Raptors View
gabzin entende, Gabriello 120 Clippers View
Freak, Michael Boiness 120 Bucks View
dubs, Samir Farraj 120 Clippers View
Thicc Thanos, Stut_5 120 Celtics View
MrNeutral’s Bracket, Mayzo 115 Clippers View
the obvious bracket, Dominic 115 Mavericks View
SexGod, Phillip Witmer-Rich 115 Clippers View
Win Connoisseur, Sveinn Thor 115 Clippers View
"Mamba" Dan Mueller 24/8/2, Daniel Mueller 115 Bucks View
K. Leonard / K. Leonard, Salim -u12 115 Clippers View
Covid-19, Kuba Waniurski 115 Clippers View
This Is My Winning Bracket*, Artiom Shepelevich 115 Clippers View
raps, Ethan 115 Raptors View
MR. X, Jonas 115 Bucks View
This won't win, 001011010 115 Clippers View
Calculated, Ahri 110 Clippers View
danpa1, Daniel Arkans 110 Clippers View
Bubble madness, TheToad 110 Clippers View
I Have The Hottest Husbands, DameIsMyFirstHusband 110 Bucks View
CaRon, CaRon Watson 110 Clippers View
Kawhi not?, Prageen S 110 Clippers View
Tony, Gluecows 110 Clippers View
My bracket , Kg 110 Raptors View
Bucks in Six, BobTheBuilder 110 Bucks View
CLIPPER5, DamionLeeCurtis 110 Clippers View
suns8-0, franforr 110 Clippers View
Bracket Lesnar, Andrewstacruz89 110 Clippers View
E T Go Home, Lidar Laban 110 Raptors View
Raptors, MooCow 110 Raptors View
The Bubble Prophecy, Jason Singh 110 Raptors View
bubblebracket, kai2296 110 Clippers View
predick, Tranvir Singh 110 Clippers View
Ballsy Bracket, The Ballsy One 110 Clippers View
Nathan G, Nathan G 110 Clippers View
Alvaro_Totti, alvaro_totti 110 Clippers View
Max NBA bracket, Max Pikaar 110 Bucks View
cp3 prove me wrong, dirk_de_jonge 110 Bucks View
Hopeful Bracket, EtaiE 110 Rockets View
Last Chance, HakunaMatata 110 Clippers View
wonton, Jerry Ng 105 Clippers View
Pucho's Bracket, Rafael Borrero 105 Clippers View
My Bracket is already wrong, BracketMaster 105 Clippers View
Bballgm, Vahan A 105 Bucks View