The Jim Boylen Memorial GOAT Playoff Challenge

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Zone 6 , CP3-PO 165 Lakers View
Ziege, Jays on my Feet 160 Clippers View
JustBasketball, JustBasketball 155 Lakers View
The Perfect Bracket, JustBasketball 155 Lakers View
IDK, Quinn 155 Bucks View
Ship his ass out, Josh Smith 155 Clippers View
Mafelesque1, Mafelesque 150 Bucks View
whythereisname, William Huang 150 Raptors View
Goat Bracket, Hoosier Daddy 150 Clippers View
Greatest of All Todds , Todd Eric Lovato 150 Bucks View
TTP, marcnemcik 150 Lakers View
Broken back, Spinal, Ben’s Dream Neighbor 150 Clippers View
James' Bracket, James Sutton 150 Bucks View
Clippers are chumps, Ben Morwood 150 Lakers View
And the winner is..., White Vanilla C 145 Clippers View
Bum bracket, Breki Jóelsson 145 Lakers View
CARUSO TAKE US HOME, Joey Harvanek 145 Lakers View
Bracket, Jim Boylen 145 Bucks View
bolbolisgoat, STEPH 145 Clippers View
Asterisk Season, Omer Zach 145 Bucks View
Ryan 2020, Ryan Gilmartin 145 Lakers View
VanBasten, Jimmi Larsen 145 Clippers View
Xpert Picks, Xpert Analyst 145 Clippers View
LeBubble Champ, Waylon Good 145 Lakers View
., ChrisBryne 145 Lakers View
celtics can win but not really, Tarik Wahdan 145 Clippers View
BubbleTrouble, Jonathan Thompson 145 Clippers View
C-Lo, Christopher Long 145 Lakers View
Bens bean town boys, Ben Morwood 145 Celtics View
TJ's father wins, Kavin Krishnasami 140 Lakers View
Grift ‘n grime, Andres Christensen 140 Bucks View
Waiters Island, a.j. curry 140 Lakers View
Pocket Mouse, Rondo_Is_Smeagol 140 Celtics View
boring, Fowad 140 Lakers View
😎👍, John Holden 140 Clippers View
Rasheed's bald spot, S-M-M 140 Clippers View
Twelve Time Champion, Twelve-Time Enterprises 140 Celtics View
Bubbleboy, 9903050714 140 Clippers View
John's Bubble Redemption, Mr John D'Arcy 140 Bucks View
Bracket With A Purpose, Seth W. 140 Clippers View
1, 2, 3, Cancun!, Michael Azevedo 140 Clippers View
Back to back raps, 12 time Tatum 140 Raptors View
Vista, Marvin Ryan Vista 140 Clippers View
Winning Bracket, MP 140 Clippers View
LarrysMasterBracket, Kevin Parmentier 140 Bucks View
Vin Baker’s Redemption , AntoineWalker_is_a_baller 140 Celtics View
Big O’s Flow , hunterowens21 140 Clippers View
The Rejects, Ryan Dale Castillo 140 Clippers View
San BenneGrino, Sean Kane 140 Clippers View
Winner, Renzo bojanovich 140 Bucks View
CurrySplash, Danny Rose 140 Lakers View
Heat will beat the Bucks in the Second Round, JustBasketball 135 Clippers View
Os Anjos Lagueiros, Nelson Almeida 135 Lakers View
D to the onnzo, Don Nzo 135 Clippers View
Bubble Raps, Noam Shiff 135 Bucks View
Clippers, Ben Kahen 135 Clippers View
Tubman's Pick , Rf Tubman 135 Lakers View
Ain’t worth .25 cents in china, Judah Johnson 135 Lakers View
Flip The Switch 2020, Flip The Switch 135 Clippers View
DB88, DB88 135 Clippers View
Andrei G.O.A.T., Andrei Gongea 135 Lakers View
GOAT picks, Coffee shop kyrie 135 Lakers View
Cute Story , Eco 135 Clippers View
Fear the Green Beer, Bill Leith 135 Celtics View
Generic Praise, KLOE 135 Bucks View
AM + MB + P + B, Michael Black 135 Lakers View
Logan has a huge elbow jumper, loganmcthicc 135 Clippers View
Head not Heart, Greg Friedgood 135 Clippers View
Tacko Time, Glen 135 Celtics View
Bracket Bubble, Joey 135 Clippers View
Knicks :( , Hans Cho 135 Lakers View
Already won, Jake Ball 135 Lakers View
Mitch Rob’s FG%, Jake Stern 135 Lakers View
Jeff, AsimHF 135 Clippers View
BC Prof, BC prof 135 Lakers View
The Bubble Telescope, Gage Chamberlain 135 Clippers View
Playoff Kawhi >>, keegant 135 Clippers View
Aubrey1, Aubrey 135 Lakers View
lolidus, Jason Lorenzo 135 Bucks View
Nice Game, Pretty Boy, Brad 135 Bucks View
Blue Bubble Bucks, lukeylinden 135 Bucks View, dumbmatter 130 Clippers View
Last Dancers, GMadness 130 Lakers View
EA, Erik Anderson 130 Lakers View
Tomer's Bracket, Tg4261 130 Clippers View
CPOKC, Middleton > De Rozan 130 Lakers View
Fun guy, Termite in Philly 130 Clippers View
Grenham, Chris Grenham 130 Bucks View
Bracket Boy Summer, Aaron M 130 Bucks View
$$$$$, Little fundamental 130 Celtics View
Expected Toulouse, Rohan Cruijff 130 Clippers View
Ty Lawson should still be in the league, silentword8 130 Clippers View
FANTASY, Fonzo 130 Lakers View
Eddie Gaedel's Papier-Mâché Cake, Don Juan 130 Clippers View
Sharp is a Duke fan, J roman 130 Lakers View
I hope this works, Joey 130 Lakers View
Stanning Tatum, Kieron Dobson 130 Celtics View
Wilt Disney, hunterowens21 130 Clippers View
Winning Bracket Lmao, ItsDiglett 130 Bucks View
Luka 🐐🔥🔥 Champs 2020, Christian Paul 130 Mavericks View
bubbleplayoffs2020, shreyank 130 Lakers View
JCBoutros's, Joey 130 Celtics View
Not too much Andrew, Paul Arnoldi 130 Clippers View
Optimismo, Georg Munz 130 Clippers View
Real, Fowad 125 Clippers View
Suns Out Guns Out, Fjölnir Þrastarson 125 Clippers View
Peanut butter Tacos, Keith Geiger 125 Bucks View
Well this won’t happen, Greenie 125 Celtics View
Tatumstan12, Micahrice 125 Bucks View
Bucks vs Clippers, Wannes 125 Clippers View
Clippers bros, Andres 125 Clippers View
Annual Orlando Magic's Participation Award, Sufian 125 Lakers View
flunickasone, Nick Potter 125 Lakers View
Bracket, Kaidude 125 Clippers View
positive wingspan, bri man 125 Lakers View
King James aka COO of Giannis Inc. , netrox99 125 Lakers View
DJM01, DJM 125 Lakers View
Brad, Brad 125 Raptors View
Jesus Shuttlesworth Resurrected, Ethan Goodnight 125 Celtics View
Perfect Bracket, Pacers Please Win One Game At Least 125 Bucks View
Heat all the way, Piotr Szymski 125 Heat View
Hottest Takes, Hottest Takes 125 Clippers View
12TheisEnterprises, vuesh 125 Clippers View
Goat, Richard MacManus 125 Lakers View
Am I a termite now?, Damien 125 Raptors View
Availability & Consistency, Alan Wong 125 Lakers View
mitch, Mitch Lang 125 Clippers View
ינון בר שירה, ינון בר שירה 120 Celtics View
The Kawhi Tour, Marcel Hedemand 120 Clippers View
Mickey fighting a deck of cards inside the mirror, Christopher Nadeau 120 Raptors View
Quick Picks, Nathan Wilson 120 Clippers View
IDK, SGocean 120 Lakers View
Light dubs, Peter J 120 Clippers View
Ryan, We Stan Cam Payne 120 Clippers View
Emotional Hedge, Underdog Humble Family Business Lakers 120 Bucks View
Not Too Much, Andrew, Joe Kraus 120 Bucks View
And we back, Aim_Ed 120 Raptors View
hugh's baby, hugh carroll 120 Lakers View
Nike is fascist, stand back 120 Clippers View
City Boyz, Andrew Barnes 120 Clippers View
Guessin', Chris K 120 Clippers View
Termite Take, jake ruston 120 Raptors View
Mr. Mayballine, BZ46 120 Lakers View
Kawhi's Laugh, Dave A 120 Clippers View
Right About the Big Things, Gortat's Personal Hair Stylist 120 Clippers View
Jordan’s Monstars, Jeff Fransen 120 Bucks View
Bessbracket, Za 120 Lakers View
Paulie's Walnuts, Paul McNulty 120 Clippers View
Omnidroid , Jared Montierth 120 Clippers View
Benson's Pick, Benson 120 Lakers View
Alex’s big dick picks , alexreinking 120 Clippers View
THE BRACKET, Jason 120 Bucks View
Sloveniijjaaaaaa, MeanSlovene 120 Bucks View
Homer, Fowad 115 Trail Blazers View
CuPogodimSve, Saleee 115 Lakers View
Win Connoisseur, Sveinn Thor 115 Clippers View
Greased Pigs, Waldemar Noname 115 Lakers View
7-Eleven Time Luka, Hayden 115 Bucks View
To keep it moving, Carlos Vazquez 115 Lakers View
Lou Bubble Gang, Avi 115 Lakers View
"Mamba" Dan Mueller 24/8/2, Daniel Mueller 115 Bucks View
Where are the Wizards?, Greg 115 Clippers View
7-Eleven Labor Union, CJ 115 Bucks View
Taiwan Wilcox, Taiwan 115 Lakers View
Bucks , Ben Cuthbertson 115 Bucks View
Quin Snyder is Under Rated. , Chris Eastman 115 Bucks View
bon iver bowl, serpentinepadd 115 Clippers View
Dr Locks NBA Futures Parlay, Kylej762 115 Bucks View
Bubble trouble, Jonatan 115 Bucks View
Boylen’s first born bracket, Gísli Gautason 115 Bucks View
Stureby, Filip Brun 115 Bucks View
Boneheads always win , Bulma_smokin_hot 115 Clippers View
I don't feel great about it..., Adam K 115 Clippers View
Zion and the National Parks, David Garnett 115 Bucks View
#NotHappyAboutIt, DRob20 115 Lakers View
Bracketing with A purpose, Michael McFarland 115 Lakers View
the_stephster_will_return, San Singh 115 Clippers View
Dre's Bracket, Andre N Lennox 115 Clippers View
Missing Curry, Jon S 115 Clippers View
all-bubble viewing team, taylor cook 115 Clippers View
Tilman Frittata’s Tips For Projecting Solvency, Tyler Hansen 115 Clippers View
Playing with A Porpoise, Tyler Hansen 115 Bucks View
Tatum Corp. > Giannis Inc., JR Hotes 115 Celtics View
shmesp1, Shmesp 115 Bucks View
GOAT 1, Fonz Yap 115 Bucks View
Childress bracket , Christian Childress 115 Clippers View
All I do is win, no matter what, BalticInferno 115 Bucks View
the good bracket, El Paso Water Horses 115 Lakers View
Pink Mafia #50, GOAT Island Pink Mafia #50 115 Lakers View
M Dymez Bracket , M Dymez 115 Raptors View
LeBrow, Nick Martinez 115 Lakers View
Lake Show Babaaay, LeGOAT JAMES 115 Lakers View
Xpert Risks, Xpert Analyst 115 Raptors View
12-Time Tatum, 12-Time Tatum 115 Celtics View
Torninho’s Tips, Matthew Torney 115 Bucks View
Wallace 2020, James9386 115 Bucks View
Wallace 2020 2, James9386 115 Lakers View
Sammy J, Sammy J 115 Lakers View
Passing the torch, Silas Xuereb 115 Bucks View
Mississauga Mandem, CamBigNutz 115 Lakers View