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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Os Anjos Lagueiros, Nelson Almeida 295 Lakers View
LLLLLLakers, Motez Musa 280 Lakers View
Caleb's Winning Bracket, Caleb Landmesser 230 Lakers View
The Fundamentals, Derric (iPodschun) 145 Clippers View
Los vente tu, Los Vente Tu 135 Clippers View
Rip the spurs, Ken Wong 130 Bucks View
Team Brook Lopez, Marc Malabanan 120 Bucks View
The Finnish Line, Juho Häkli 110 Clippers View
Magic city miracles, Zeke Winters 110 Clippers View
Flippant speculation, Anthony Onas 110 Clippers View
bubble intermediary, bennylol 110 Bucks View
Bubble Clips, nick velazquez 105 Clippers View
I'm a traitor, A. CarUso 105 Raptors View
The Big Aristotle, j. wade 105 Clippers View
Nicholas Hassell, Nick 105 Trail Blazers View
Bracket Prediction RussNboston, RussNboston 95 Clippers View
One, TigerThreeMT 85 Clippers View
¯\_(ツ)_/¯, SweetReptile 55 Raptors View