We The North Park

Created By: Rachin Sobti

12 members

Group Website: Rachin.sobti@gmail.com

Second Place: $20 First Place: $220 TIE BREAKER: if people tie for 1st/2nd, winning pot to spilt equally among # of Winners

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
I seent it, o2bela 140 Bucks View
SAANDDDDYYY, Niko jay 135 Lakers View
Christian , Christian 3 and D 130 Raptors View
2020, Sandeep 120 Clippers View
For the Win, 3 Point Line 110 Lakers View
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Nikola Parenta 110 Bucks View
Back2Back, Julian gayah 110 Raptors View
4Mamba, RTS 105 Raptors View
Spicy Pork, Mushu 105 Clippers View
Marty, Martybron 105 Lakers View
Brown Mamba, Rachin Sobti 90 Lakers View
James Dolan the GOAT, Ognjen Coric 55 Rockets View