Philanthropic Fantasy Sports 2020 NBA Playoff Bracket Challenge

Created By: Brandon Szwalbenest

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
big bracket brand BBB, kev 310 Lakers View
Lawson Fisher, Lawson Fisher 310 Lakers View
Mason Cary, Mason Cary 295 Lakers View
Jason's Bracket, Jason Friedman 280 Lakers View
Fire the 6ers Front Office into the Sun, Michael Regula 235 Lakers View
Brandon Klyce, Brandon Klyce 230 Lakers View
Ryan Hazel, Ryan Hazel 230 Lakers View
perfect bracket, Selim 220 Lakers View
Braden_Rauco23, Braden 215 Lakers View
No way are the sixers going to the conference finals but a man can dream cant he, Jake McDonald 210 Lakers View
Shelby_Bauer, Shelby Bauer 135 Bucks View
Evans bracket, Evan Cohen 130 Clippers View
Brandon's Bracket, Brandon Szwalbenest 120 Clippers View
Jayson O’Connell PFS, Jayson O’Connell 115 Clippers View
Jack Inserra, Jack Inserra 105 Bucks View
look around you look what we created this didn't exist before, Nicholas Hill 105 Raptors View
Evan Kuo's Bracket, Evan Kuo 100 Clippers View
Greg's Bracket, Greg Westfall 100 Raptors View
Noahnest's Bracket, Noah Nestro 95 Clippers View
Bracket Prediction RussNboston, RussNboston 95 Clippers View
FIRE BRETT BROWN!!!!, Zach Wiesner 85 Clippers View
Lit, Mitchell Miles 55 Bucks View