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Overall winner (first place) receives a six pack of his/her choice from placement 2 through 5. Placement 5 and 6 will provide one PROPER babysitting service (max of 4 hours) together consisting of all the kids that has been agreed upon by placement 1 through 4. Overall loser is obligated to play Chubby Bunny with Bubblicious bubble gum. Once he/she is not longer able to say "chubby bunny", he/she will have to place a pizza order over the phone and provide a pizza party for the group (with mouth still full of gum) . Bracket theme: CANDY

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Sacramento Kings Size Snickers, MoPho 300 Lakers View
Denver Nougats, Matt 265 Lakers View
Carmelo Sucks, Jordan5 255 Lakers View
Pick and Tootsie Roll, Lisa 120 Bucks View
DoubleDribbleMint , jtyang930 120 Clippers View
Flagrant Ferreros, Aarika, Aarika 80 Nuggets View