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Entry, Owner Score Champion
#17, st 345 Lakers View
Ryan 2020, Ryan Gilmartin 305 Lakers View
TJ's father wins, Kavin Krishnasami 300 Lakers View
Optimistic, Ahri 300 Lakers View
lakeshow fasho, LeBranthony_Javis 300 Lakers View
Os Anjos Lagueiros, Nelson Almeida 295 Lakers View
jbrooks, jbrooks 295 Lakers View
Tubman's Pick , Rf Tubman 295 Lakers View
Mars, Mars 290 Lakers View
De raaf, PETER 285 Lakers View
Annual Orlando Magic's Participation Award, Sufian 285 Lakers View
IDK, SGocean 280 Lakers View
Bubble Boiii, Phil 275 Lakers View
Bracket 1 JH, jihyo's third wheel #getwellsoonjeongyeon 275 Lakers View
Katus sõidab - Lakers võidab, Mattias Malk 275 Lakers View
heart, Jason Sun 270 Lakers View
Arsole's Arsole, Arsole 270 Lakers View
Matt Lusted, MatthewLUSTED 270 Lakers View
#1, Nathan 270 Lakers View
Dark Timeline, Rabid89 270 Lakers View
Josephine Bracket, Andrewstacruz89 265 Lakers View
yeeet, Alon Reicher 265 Lakers View
2020 Bracket, aaroncc1 260 Lakers View
Brow FMVP, LAtotheA 260 Lakers View
portlandas vs majamis, Jonas 260 Lakers View
Matt O #1, Matt O 255 Lakers View
King James, Nicolás Laplume 255 Lakers View
Deez Nuts, Nima 250 Lakers View
MR. LOL, Jonas 245 Lakers View
Lords of Fart, Samizdat 240 Lakers View
Bessbracket, Za 240 Lakers View
LAallDAY , Sporeakr 235 Lakers View
NBA Bracket, Gajan 235 Lakers View
da champions, Cian Quinn 235 Lakers View
lAkErS aRe iN tRoUbLe, Yasser 220 Lakers View
Javad, Javad 220 Lakers View
#17, Daniel Szabo 215 Lakers View
Best Bracket, Aaron 210 Celtics View
My bracket, Siebie123 185 Bucks View
DaniB, DaniB 165 Bucks View
Buckaroos, Scott 165 Bucks View
BOBO, icki 160 Raptors View
Large Turtle, jsbcello 155 Clippers View
ron, Volume99 155 Clippers View
NBA Youngboy Underrated, Luka Overrated Flopper 150 Clippers View
epembeats, epembeats 150 Clippers View
BlazersIn6, alederiz 150 Clippers View
YeetfromtheLogo, Biggus Dickus 150 Bucks View
JB's Bracket, Jarrad 150 Bucks View
Madness, Manjot 145 Clippers View
le-GM-back-at-it, Alessandro Pina 145 Clippers View
Crazed, Ahri 140 Rockets View
celtics are the ballz, Pocket_Beans 140 Celtics View
Karolis, Karolis 140 Clippers View
The Answer Key, Scalabrine 140 Clippers View
A Dark Future, Rickard Bergenarp 140 Clippers View
Giannis Inc, Alex Chalupka PRO 135 Bucks View
MannMcMann, Mann-McMann 135 Raptors View
Dub Nation, SteppyQ 135 Celtics View
Tate’s Bracket, Taterstoters 135 Clippers View
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vMvXOskAhY, SirJoris 135 Nuggets View
Los vente tu, Los Vente Tu 135 Clippers View
Gg, Alem Hamza 135 Clippers View
Washington Basketball Bracket, Yohan 135 Clippers View
Winner, Fazoz 135 Raptors View
THE Bracket, Joshua Fernandes 135 Raptors View
Giannis Antetokotomotoo, Jvalant Dave 135 Bucks View
Why so serious?, Rabid89 135 Clippers View
basketball-gm.com, dumbmatter 130 Clippers View
B1, B1 130 Bucks View
nbaaaaaaa, huu 130 Bucks View
B, Brendon McKay 130 Clippers View
Stand with HK, D Pang 130 Celtics View
Well this won’t happen, Greenie 125 Celtics View
1, thegman108 125 Bucks View
Ya yeet, OpalineG18 125 Clippers View
KBracket, Test Name 125 Clippers View
#2, Nathan 125 Clippers View
NEVAH LOST, Rabid89 125 Celtics View
And we back, Aim_Ed 120 Raptors View
Sweet Dreams, Elektro Pionir 120 Bucks View
Ay-Ton of Drugs, Liam Mitchell 115 Clippers View
Win Connoisseur, Sveinn Thor 115 Clippers View
Deebz, Deebz 115 Clippers View
lindq005, lindq005 115 Clippers View
Short series, Nathan Verney 115 Bucks View
jjhansen , Josiah 115 Raptors View
Udi taking chances, UdiR 115 Clippers View
Go Raps Go, NotJordy 115 Bucks View
1, bucodolares 115 Clippers View
Raptors, Vishnu Vivegananthan 115 Raptors View
MR. X, Jonas 115 Bucks View
This won't win, 001011010 115 Clippers View
Calculated, Ahri 110 Clippers View
Kawhi not?, Prageen S 110 Clippers View
CLIPPER5, DamionLeeCurtis 110 Clippers View
suns8-0, franforr 110 Clippers View
Bracket Lesnar, Andrewstacruz89 110 Clippers View
Villainiquity, Oui du Nord 110 Raptors View
The Bubble Prophecy, Jason Singh 110 Raptors View
bubblebracket, kai2296 110 Clippers View
canada > usa, balls :) 110 Raptors View
Bucks in 6, iamsparticus 110 Bucks View
Sorry LaBrat, dacracot 105 Bucks View
CLIPS NO 1, Jeffrey Chen 105 Clippers View
KT, kt 105 Bucks View
Klaytheism Is The Way, Jerry 105 Clippers View
:), Scalabrine 105 Celtics View
B2B Raps, Phil 105 Raptors View
TJ's Warren, Cpt-No-Dong 100 Clippers View
Kyle's Bracket, KingsElite 100 Clippers View
[ ], cleandoe 100 Bucks View
I have no idea what I’m doing, 022150678 100 Clippers View
RuseLL WestBRICK, Landon Walker 100 Clippers View
Rockets win, axeandrod 95 Rockets View
Idk, we'll see, Rios 95 Raptors View
Bracket Prediction RussNboston, RussNboston 95 Clippers View
Sixers Win, Nick Beans 95 76ers View
LA LA, Yallasama 95 Clippers View
Fax, AshVanVleetPorterJr 95 Clippers View
NickChubble, TristanThompsonFan 90 Raptors View
Team Upset, Andrewstacruz89 85 Trail Blazers View
Mat's Bracket, Not Matty D 80 Raptors View
1, MMAPUNCH 80 Raptors View
bubble wrap, JBucket$ 75 Raptors View
Playoff P, BeadoG7 75 Clippers View
brand new whip just hopped in, Triple Bubble 75 Rockets View
LegitRaps, PechinBurger 70 Raptors View
ITS TIME, boihuang 65 Trail Blazers View
Houston Plug Sockets har har, JeBronLames 60 76ers View
¯\_(ツ)_/¯, SweetReptile 55 Raptors View
Buck buck, OTMax 45 Bucks View