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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Lakers *, DeadlyDank 355 Lakers View
#17, st 345 Lakers View
Idk took me 5 seconds to do, pat 320 Lakers View
what it do baby, curryy 310 Lakers View
LAKERS, mosheye 300 Lakers View
should've done better in the regular season, toodlenoodles 295 Lakers View
Os Anjos Lagueiros, Nelson Almeida 295 Lakers View
Lakerzzzzz, Whiskeynrye 295 Lakers View
:pepepray:, Suejiro 295 Lakers View
SoCal is the Best Place on Earth, KB2436856 285 Lakers View
Please let this happen, ElginBryant 275 Lakers View
The most basic bracket ever, KylePrice29 275 Lakers View
Lukation, Fruitcaik 270 Lakers View
bobebaby, bobekryant 270 Lakers View
Giannis Aint Ready, Lakers in 4, datmamba 265 Lakers View
Do it for Kobe , Kobegot81 265 Lakers View
#17 is on da way, iWolf 265 Lakers View
heso melo favourite color yellow, shadley 265 Lakers View
Wait I'm 1st Place?, Kuzmania 265 Lakers View
ducking, duck 255 Lakers View
dear god im stupid, xtechnica 255 Lakers View
best timeline, bigfishsmallpond 240 Lakers View
QP Tootz, Tootz 240 Lakers View
LA4TW, jfohdizzle 235 Lakers View
Here we go again, hak 230 Lakers View
Playoff Rondo, spaceghost 225 Lakers View
LA , boihuang 225 Lakers View
Fuck off losers, Subterfuge12 220 Lakers View
Killian Hayes #1 Draft Pick, Baguette 220 Lakers View
lAkErS aRe iN tRoUbLe, Yasser 220 Lakers View
BurrowRowRowyourboat, Herman Wood 215 Lakers View
Norris's picks, Thomas Norris 215 Lakers View
spank, fetty 210 Lakers View
BAM, zombie2pac 205 Heat View
Keeping the Warriors Trophy Warm, carlosd93 200 Clippers View
vern, vern 185 Heat View
Lourdhan Bracklet, Lourdhan 160 Raptors View
not lakers, Parasox 150 Bucks View
homer_picks, love4da6 140 Raptors View
Flopping to the finals, OGAnunobee 140 Clippers View
idk, Trevis 140 Clippers View
winna, Liite 135 Clippers View
Haven't watched restart idk anything, Impecunious 125 Clippers View
Rumble Bubble, Rumble 125 Clippers View
you calling me a pussy, yet you won't stick ur cock a roonie in me , poppinfreshboo 125 Clippers View
fap ana de armas, turokblack 110 Rockets View
homemade bubble cheese, Reshan 110 Clippers View
Shit predictions, Shubi 100 Raptors View
W H O ?, riigz 100 Bucks View
Dame or dolla, centrumdoshunnidtabs 100 Bucks View
back2back, hotdawg 100 Raptors View
tardBracket, ayoHolup 95 Bucks View
Bracket Prediction RussNboston, RussNboston 95 Clippers View
Future #14,000,605, Orcanym 95 Rockets View
Ryan Gosling is a hot dude, TM 95 Clippers View
My family can wait, PrimoTomatoSauce 90 Clippers View
Let’s Go Rockets, Rickard Bergenarp 85 Rockets View
it is my meditation all the day, and more than my meat and drink, to know how I shall make the Saints of God comprehend the visions that roll like an overflowing surge before my mind., ( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ)⊃✞ 【Mormon Faith】 ✟ヘ( ̄~ ̄ )ノ 80 Jazz View
Poo Bracket, Poo Rad 80 Trail Blazers View
Sexy boys, Slipperslap 80 Trail Blazers View
JOI ASMR, TopKekRekt 75 Clippers View
idk, xodus00 75 Bucks View
La Bracket, r/nba Mod 70 Bucks View
THANKS VLADE!!!, Roughpuppet 70 Raptors View
DERRRR FUR DER BURDDD, Nivke 65 Rockets View