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Entry, Owner Score Champion
kösnü things, 7WICKD6 290 Lakers View
Ayteq, Once a Knick, Always a Knick 285 Lakers View
jsjs goat bracket , jsjs0000 265 Lakers View
angry tubz noises, Hungriest Hippo 260 Lakers View
I've never watched a single basketball game in my life., HIHi 240 Lakers View
GSW 20/21 champions, rosbez 230 Lakers View
dub, Nate 215 Lakers View
epic gamer bracket, ramp 125 Clippers View
BIG DICK COUTS, Jordan 120 Bucks View
fredbvgsedrt, rose 115 Clippers View
kev, kev 110 Clippers View
LAYYYSSS GOOO!!!!, KyroAFG --- Afghan Lion --- 95 Jazz View
We the north, Eva the G 90 Raptors View
Drag, Dragonyte 90 Mavericks View
monk bracket :), William 80 Clippers View
Dub, Hot Take Bobert 55 Mavericks View