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Entry, Owner Score Champion
kösnü things, WICKD ILYASOVA KORKMAZ 130 Lakers View
Ayteq, Once a Knick, Always a Knick 125 Lakers View
epic gamer bracket, ramp 125 Clippers View
BIG DICK COUTS, Jordan 120 Bucks View
fredbvgsedrt, rose 115 Clippers View
kev, kev 110 Clippers View
GSW 20/21 champions, rosbez 110 Lakers View
jsjs goat bracket , jsjs0000 105 Lakers View
angry tubz noises, Hungriest Hippo 100 Lakers View
LAYYYSSS GOOO!!!!, KyroAFG --- Afghan Lion --- 95 Jazz View
dub, Nate 95 Lakers View
We the north, Eva the G 90 Raptors View
Drag, Dragonyte 90 Mavericks View
monk bracket :), William 80 Clippers View
I've never watched a single basketball game in my life., HIHi 80 Lakers View
Dub, Hot Take Bobert 55 Mavericks View