Firrhill Frogs

Created By: Duncan

11 members

NBA Playoffs 2020 Bracket Group - Firrhill Frogs (Created By: Duncan)

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Ok, Findawg 310 Lakers View
Spinge, Adam Cairns 300 Lakers View
Duncan's Bracket, Duncan 280 Lakers View
Back2Back, Callum Hyslop 270 Lakers View
Yeah boiiiiiiiii, Jamie Wright 265 Lakers View
Calum's Bracket, calumchrystal 250 Lakers View
Here to collect my winnings, CDougall 250 Lakers View
Hyzzle on the beat, Mhairi Hyslop 230 Lakers View
YaaaaBaby, FMckie 230 Lakers View
Addi doesnt know basketball v1, Cameron Matteo Addison 230 Lakers View
Pink Ting's Bracket, Zainab 155 Bucks View