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Entry, Owner Score Champion
joseph.macri1, Joseph1_m 320 Lakers View
Os Anjos Lagueiros, Nelson Almeida 295 Lakers View
NBA TALK ENTRY ig:andrewj239, Andrew 295 Lakers View
Bballtakes27, bballtakes27 255 Lakers View
King.humphrey -1, King.humphrey 245 Lakers View
HeatFan3, Vincent Earl Aquino Cadano 195 Heat View
Kevinrebelo’s Bracket, Kevinrebelo 175 Celtics View
Ahmad Almasri #2, Ahmad Almasri 140 Clippers View
Hayden1, Hayden33333 135 Clippers View
Ahmad Almasri, Ahmad Almasri 130 Bucks View
Not Gonna Happen, 001011010 130 Celtics View
Almasri_34, Ahmad Almasri 125 Clippers View
Winner winner chicken dinner, Jonah Smith 125 Bucks View
MarkCottage1, Cottage Guy 125 Raptors View
SC, Seán 120 Bucks View
I want the bucks to win but I’m a realist 😔, xavier_taylor37 115 Clippers View
Lutherreyes, Lutherreyes 110 Clippers View
Sullys bracket, Sully 105 Clippers View
JamesonYoung , JamesonYoung 105 Raptors View
Rockets😤, mashetty 85 Rockets View
Bucks in 6, Sarah G 80 Bucks View
@The.NBA.Talk, The NBA Talk 70 Clippers View