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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Guggo's bracket, Andre 365 Lakers View
Worst case, realistmajor 315 Lakers View
Lets See What Happens, the_great_rambino 310 Lakers View
Os Anjos Lagueiros, Nelson Almeida 295 Lakers View
Jokmeister 1, Jokmeister 295 Lakers View
Asterisked Champs, markpondrice 275 Lakers View
BubbleHype!!, UnderratedNightmare 270 Lakers View
Lurk > Nurk, IdRatherBeLurking 215 Bucks View
gruya93, gruya93 185 Bucks View
Rnorman3 bracket, Robert 180 Bucks View
porkadachop, porkadachop 180 Bucks View
not even close, Tom M 180 Raptors View
Nuggets in 5, MacDonger 180 Bucks View
F the lakers, freempj 180 Bucks View
FirstTry, IkanPaus 175 Bucks View
I thought this was cricket, rhysewing 170 Bucks View
TRNT, Dusan Vujasinovic 170 Raptors View
Murray Contract Bad SMH, PoorTonyK 160 Clippers View
bmtm40, Bryan Wendland 160 Bucks View
en-bi-ej, djoks7 160 Bucks View
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), icanhazdinna 155 Bucks View
BolBolsaur, MaximoLovely 155 Clippers View
denvernuggetsredditbracket, thefatpokemon 155 Clippers View
BroncoSquatch, BroncoSquatch 150 Clippers View
The Worst Picks, tron777 150 Bucks View
2020 Playoffs, dencel_ 145 Clippers View
One Can Dream, Official_CIA_ Account 145 Nuggets View
Bol bol Bol bol bol bol Bol bol, ParadePeu'r 145 Clippers View
nugglyfe bracket, mariohoops 140 Bucks View
Party of the Mullet, mulletparty 140 Nuggets View
Jók MVP, Urk014 140 Nuggets View
2020 r/denvernuggets Champ! , HeadHoncho204 140 Nuggets View
Cheese, 515pack 140 Nuggets View
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vMvXOskAhY, SirJoris 135 Nuggets View
ereaven, ereaven 135 Clippers View
FatLever12drunk, FatLever12 135 Nuggets View
Bol Bol FMVP, Bol_Bol_MVP 135 Nuggets View
first, Ivan 135 Nuggets View
Swejevoli, 3pt defense wins championships 135 Clippers View
Nuggets 2020, National_Convention 135 Nuggets View
Nugs in 3, justcallmejer 135 Clippers View
I swear I’ll do it, Lusting_Nuggily 135 Nuggets View
Crambulance , Crambulance 130 Celtics View
TEENSONACID, Josh Thorsen 130 Nuggets View
Nba, Djyka 130 Nuggets View
OpalineG18 , OpalineG18 130 Clippers View
Beware the J's, Beas knees 125 Bucks View
Next year is our year, MamalJurray 125 Clippers View
a dumb bracket made by an idiot who knows nothing, BrockSmashgood 120 Nuggets View
Shakin in my Bones, Boneyardbill 120 Nuggets View
Sweet Dreams, Elektro Pionir 120 Bucks View
GoOnKaz’s Sad Predictions, GoOnKaz 120 Celtics View
2020 Vision , NikolaiBullcry 115 Nuggets View
Hopefully this doesn't happen, Jorge Banapeel 115 Clippers View
AgentPavement, AgentPavement 115 Nuggets View
#Nuggs2020, Kev Hart 110 Nuggets View
u/TheFlyingCandle, u/TheFlyingCandle 110 Bucks View
Lets GOOO, MusicBox 110 Clippers View
Totally 100 Percent Correct, HyperADHD 110 Nuggets View
Bucks Win It, Isaiah Sierra-Baron 105 Bucks View
Lame bracket, DanielTheMani3l 100 Clippers View
Clippers in 7, CirkusKolorado 100 Clippers View
EG's picks, eg14000 🧢 95 Nuggets View
Igorsok1, Igorsok1 95 Clippers View
IDK we tried, mojofac 90 Bucks View
clueless, Siegeoftyre 90 Bucks View
2020 champs Nuggets, wet-avocado 90 Nuggets View
manomirth, Jordan Quinston Christensen 90 Rockets View
sgtmotormouth , sgtmotormouth 90 Nuggets View
/u/TravisGurley , Travis Gurley 75 Bucks View