Quarantine Ball

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Yelomamba, Eugene Chan 145 Clippers View
Splash Bro 1 , Victor Pinzaru 140 Clippers View
Matt Thomas cause the bracket don't miss, W/ the first pick in the 2021 Coachella Jersey Draft I select #00 Blazer Melo Jersey 125 Lakers View
Ey, Alan Song 115 Lakers View
buzzer beaters, lomo 115 Clippers View
RIP KOBE, Ali Ravanchi 105 Lakers View
OKC fan, Kevin Lee 105 Clippers View
perfect bracket no cap, Leo Yue 105 Lakers View
BOOKER WAS ROBBED, Stephen Michael Evans 100 Raptors View
Upset City, gkeee 90 Bucks View
back-2-back, Charles 80 Raptors View