Get The Strap 2019-2020 Brackets

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lets see who really knows anything

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Bags, Baggykitty 135 Heat View
Fuck LA type beat, Twilight 135 Rockets View
LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOO, GoldenLegs 125 Bucks View
Entry, Constance 125 Clippers View
It goes it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes, jsnu 115 Lakers View
lowkey i got the clippers bruh, doubledeuce 110 Clippers View
TATUM 2020 FMVP NO CAP, top 105 Celtics View
Nobody else used their real name so now I feel dumb, Josh 105 Bucks View
aight bro I know what I'm doing watch this, Cyberpolice 105 Lakers View
Cockcockcoxk, Loooo 💯😩🇵🇭 100 Trail Blazers View
Clippers gonna destroy the lakers. Medant , Medant57 100 Clippers View
OK, bekkah 95 Lakers View
if we were playing for money i'd give it all to my dominatrix, cluejay 95 Lakers View
1, Wiz 95 Clippers View
Hot Predictions 🔥🔥🔥, Jason Ballins 90 Clippers View
My picks, Yes 80 Lakers View