Bubble Trouble

Created By: Isaac

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Who's got the insight this year?

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Melvis Bracket, Meli Gass 255 Lakers View
#Jamesgang, Susie 255 Lakers View
lakers , Martin Hofkamp 230 Lakers View
Supreme Burrito, Brad Stoltzfus 180 Clippers View
On the bubble, Tyler 125 Clippers View
Posteresque post moves , Isaac 110 Clippers View
Big and tall bubble nugs, Charlie Bohr 110 Nuggets View
Quarantine Quest for the One Ring to Rule them All, Menski 110 Clippers View
Proudfeet, Proudfeet 75 Clippers View
Melonaissance, Charlie Frederick 70 Clippers View
This year is way too long, you need to cut it. , Jimmy Nimbus 65 Bucks View
Not Jokic Around, Drew Foos 50 Trail Blazers View