Minnesota Muskies

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Better late than never! The 2020 NBA Playoffs are finally here. At a neutral site, with favorites only 1 positive test away from an upset, anything can happen. Will Lebron and AD reach the promised land and win one for Kobe? Will the Clippers end their reign as the worst playoff team in NBA history by winning a ring? Can the Raptors repeat without Kawhi? Will Giannis step into greatness as an NBA champ? Let's see who knows the league best! Just for fun but if you wanna put some money down, let me know and we'll set up a winner takes all pool. Good luck and enjoy the games!

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Amin, Ahmed Amin 130 Clippers View
1st try, Marcell Locust 115 Clippers View
Longshot, Joseph C. Collins 115 Clippers View
Joe Nelson, Joe Shmo 105 Clippers View
gyeah, Norman Beaudry 105 Clippers View
Remember when I said Kawhi Finals MVP??, Michael Storlie 95 Clippers View
Musty Busty Husky Musky, Space Jam 2: More Space to Jam 90 Bucks View
Rose Knows, Mike Rose 80 Rockets View
Clips, Hans Goris 80 Clippers View