DT Playoff Bracket 2020

Created By: TC

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The NBA Bubble Playoffs . . . from Point A to Point B

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
seth_22, seth_22 295 Lakers View
Predictions Champ, Ya Mudda 270 Lakers View
goatbracket, Goatbrook 260 Lakers View
Four Pockets Full, acheema0 260 Lakers View
whynot, Razzle 250 Lakers View
Lakers over Doo Doo Bucks, King Zay 225 Lakers View
If you truly want to test a man— give him power. , Perk-Punt 220 Lakers View
Tayler’s Bracket, Tayler Peterson 220 Lakers View
Shai’s perfect bracket , Alex Campbell 215 Lakers View
Kublai was the fourth son of Tolui (his second son with Sorghaghtani Beki) and a grandson of Genghis Khan. He succeeded his older brother Möngke as Khagan in 1260, but had to defeat his younger brother Ariq Böke in the Toluid Civil War lasting until 1264., _justin 170 Bucks View
Shimmy, Durants Shimmy 160 Bucks View
I'm Insane, Kevin Chen 155 Thunder View
Rattling Bones 69 Bracket, Shitlord 69 155 Bucks View
;), DFS 150 Bucks View
2020, Kieran 145 Clippers View
The cheema curse, TYo 140 Clippers View
When your goat goes missing, the aroma of your neighbour's soup becomes suspicious.  , تصبحون على خير 140 Bucks View
Wrong bracket, Pepsi United 130 Clippers View
Brackin with Ease, Conned 125 Clippers View
PBS is supported by local viewers, like you!, Emo-Jinn 115 Bucks View
The Wth Bracket, DaRyan Houser 110 Thunder View
Prop's Bracket, propsizzle 110 Bucks View
Duhhky's Bracket, DUHHK 105 Thunder View
BubbleBaze, Voeg 105 Thunder View
KapUSMC, KapUSMC 105 Clippers View
Mission - Thunder makes it past the first round, hulk sad 100 Clippers View
[ ], cleandoe 100 Bucks View
F5alcon, F5alconsHouse 100 Bucks View
Last Chance Bracket, Last Chance 95 Bucks View
Bracko, Not About This Spelling 90 Clippers View
Shane's Picks, x- Shane Magness 0.2% 90 Clippers View
Dad Jokes Bracketology, Dad Jokes 90 Clippers View
Peepee, mr. bojangles 90 Bucks View
TC's Bracket, TC 85 Thunder View
Toronto Edition. Don't be cheesed yute we packing at these ends., acheema0 85 Raptors View
OptiMeerstic, The Meerhat Meerkat 80 Thunder View
mother, teresa 80 Mavericks View
Johnny Brackets' Brackets , Johnny Thunder 75 Clippers View
flames, crayish 75 Raptors View
sooner403 homer extravaganza, sooner403 70 Thunder View
Base Brace, AndyRed 55 Thunder View