2KGamer Bracket Challenge

Created By: Mr. EMS

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Official NBA bracket challenge for the 2KGamer Community

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Suns got robbed, StoutBaker 150 Lakers View
Lebronshairlines bracket , Lebronshairline 145 Lakers View
Cody Nick , CodyNick34 145 Clippers View
Let me imagine greatness, DefiniteProdigy 145 Celtics View
Playoffs , RXL3305 140 Clippers View
LightningRod’s bracket, LightningRod 140 Lakers View
bballmets Playoff Entry, bballmets 140 Clippers View
Knownbruh's Bracket, Daveon_Windley 135 Clippers View
NBACheese, Shoko 135 Clippers View
VinnQuinn Bracket, VinnQuinn 130 Clippers View
2020 Offs, YOSEMITE_HAM 130 Lakers View
j128183 bracket, j128183 125 Clippers View
Mavs gon give up 170 ppg, Cowboyfan_19 115 Lakers View
Trala7 bracket , trala7 110 Clippers View
Osvaldo, Osvaldo Rezende 110 Clippers View
Stuzoh bracket , Stuzoh 110 Lakers View
It was written.., Meazy615 110 Lakers View
Suns deserve the 8th, Gobles 110 Lakers View
2KG, Mr. EMS 105 Lakers View
Letssee, NBA2K_NO$T&T 105 Clippers View
Dans Bracket, Dan 105 Lakers View
Boban's picks, BobanisGoat 105 Clippers View
2020 Bubble Playoffs, Alex 90 Lakers View
Finley Harrell - 100% Correct Predictions Guys, Finley Harrell 75 Bucks View
NoelDeJ, Noel 50 Clippers View