2KGamer Bracket Challenge

Created By: Mr. EMS

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Official NBA bracket challenge for the 2KGamer Community

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Lebronshairlines bracket , Lebronshairline 305 Lakers View
LightningRod’s bracket, LightningRod 300 Lakers View
2020 Offs, YOSEMITE_HAM 290 Lakers View
Mavs gon give up 170 ppg, Cowboyfan_19 275 Lakers View
Suns got robbed, StoutBaker 270 Lakers View
It was written.., Meazy615 270 Lakers View
Suns deserve the 8th, Gobles 270 Lakers View
2KG, Mr. EMS 265 Lakers View
2020 Bubble Playoffs, Alex 250 Lakers View
Dans Bracket, Dan 245 Lakers View
Stuzoh bracket , Stuzoh 230 Lakers View
Cody Nick , CodyNick34 145 Clippers View
Let me imagine greatness, DefiniteProdigy 145 Celtics View
Playoffs , RXL3305 140 Clippers View
bballmets Playoff Entry, bballmets 140 Clippers View
Knownbruh's Bracket, Daveon_Windley 135 Clippers View
NBACheese, Shoko 135 Clippers View
VinnQuinn Bracket, VinnQuinn 130 Clippers View
j128183 bracket, j128183 125 Clippers View
Trala7 bracket , trala7 110 Clippers View
Osvaldo, Osvaldo Rezende 110 Clippers View
Letssee, NBA2K_NO$T&T 105 Clippers View
Boban's picks, BobanisGoat 105 Clippers View
Finley Harrell - 100% Correct Predictions Guys, Finley Harrell 75 Bucks View
NoelDeJ, Noel 50 Clippers View