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Entry, Owner Score Champion
GOAT bracket, Cezar 140 Lakers View
my bracket, vince 135 Clippers View
LeBron is the GOAT, Austin 130 Lakers View
Doubt it but u never know, Luke Irvine 130 Lakers View
My 2020 NBA playoff predictions , Justin Henry 🧢 130 Clippers View
Nba playoffs, Mark Butler 125 Lakers View
Untitled Bracket, Riley Prince 125 Bucks View
Nibby’s bracket, Nibby 120 Clippers View
Pure guesses, Getchi 115 Lakers View
Maurice, Maurice 115 Clippers View
TJ Warren Is Soft, JimmyBuckets 115 Lakers View
Dido's Bracket, Dido ASMR 110 Lakers View
2020 NBA PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS, DD9 110 Clippers View
DonLif3, Don Brando 110 Lakers View
lakers4lifebaby, nikkkk 110 Lakers View
alf bracket, alfonso cachón 110 Lakers View
NBA playoffs , Miguel R 105 Rockets View
The worst bracket, Drake 105 Clippers View
Vinicin, Vinicin 105 Lakers View
Totally not biased , MichaelaRaptorsFan 105 Raptors View
Winning bracket, Ben Robinson 105 Bucks View
1 minute bracket , Stephen Vallejo 105 Lakers View
No mistake, Ren T 100 Bucks View
Rahuls picks, Cosmicpanda15 100 Raptors View
Niko, Niko 100 Lakers View
Thonerys, Thonerys 100 Lakers View
Joe's bracket, Joseph Smith 100 Bucks View
Gabby's bracket, Gabby 100 Lakers View
WeTheNorth Brazil, Guilherme Lora 95 Raptors View
gotta have some good upsets, Cade J Willis-Ryle 95 Celtics View
Definitely possible , Vince R 90 Rockets View
My bracket, Gabo Kopka 90 Clippers View
#WeTheNorth, YoloBoy 85 Raptors View
Fiya , Bo 85 Jazz View
Raptors easy W, Liggy 85 Raptors View
We shall see, Anderson 85 Clippers View
Eoghan's bracket , Eoghan C 80 Lakers View
Owens Bracket, Owen Hamen 75 Bucks View
Tim's Bracket , TimOutOfCompton 70 Bucks View