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Entry, Owner Score Champion
I broke my back... spinal, Jamie Clark 140 Lakers View
Road to #17, Woj 140 Lakers View
Luka The Only Goat, Emi 135 Bucks View
Beverley FMVP, Alvaro 120 Lakers View
I miss Devin Booker :(, Lou 115 Lakers View
GS blew a 3-1 lead in the finals, Riccardo Zazzini 115 Lakers View
N, N 115 Lakers View
Suns wouldve gone 16-0, Erik k 110 Clippers View
Scotts goated bracket, Scott Lothian 100 Bucks View
Gobert + COVID for joint DPOY, Marc P 100 Bucks View
The real bracket, Matt 95 Lakers View
GreenLight, Playoffs 90 Lakers View
I miss HIVE, Rambo 60 Not selected View