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Entry, Owner Score Champion
spoiler alert , Nizo Eldons 150 Clippers View
Phantomhive, Duale Omar 130 Clippers View
Warriors in 4, Pasan 125 Clippers View
STANIMAL IS THE GOAT, Talal Alaa 115 Raptors View
Skip β€˜Drip’ Bayless , Abdulahi Mohamed 110 Raptors View
Cuz He's Built Different , 3peat 110 Clippers View
Jmc, Eugene James 105 Clippers View
LEBRON πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘, Hasseb Khan 105 Lakers View
BLIK'S PICKS, BLIKMAFIA824 95 Clippers View
From the Logo, Waleed 75 Raptors View