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Loser buys everyone dinner. Last year’s loser: Ivan and BLOK. Last year’s winner: Snow Man George ******DRAIN, IVAN/BLOK U STILL OWE EVERYONE DINNERS******

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
OG Corona Boii, Chiewy 285 Lakers View
Lil Woo-han, Ivan Wu 155 Raptors View
2020, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Shahid Al- Makhtoum 115 Raptors View
you already know what the fuck it is , Snow White 115 Raptors View
Lai Dung👳🏽‍♂️, BD_BOBO 115 Clippers View
AllahuAkbar, LP 110 Raptors View
Caarona viirusss, BL 110 Clippers View