NBA, The Bubble

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Tchelo Cinderella Story, Marcelo Costa 180 Heat View
Mendes , RMendes 140 Lakers View
Eloy Barbarian, Eloy Rizzo 140 Lakers View
You come at The King, you best not miss, Marcos Zapater 120 Lakers View
Valentina , Valentina Valverde 115 Lakers View
Tchelo Entry 2, Marcelo Costa 110 Lakers View
Daniel Costa entry 2, Daniel Da Costa 110 Lakers View
Lakers, Luiz Trindade 105 Lakers View
Daniel's bracket, Daniel Da Costa 105 Bucks View
Bárbaro!, Flávio Franco 100 Clippers View
#AgraKnows, Andre Agra 100 Lakers View
milwaukee, Armando Mosin Neto 100 Bucks View
DLT, Daniel Trindade 95 Clippers View
Marcel_Alb (FF só erra), Marcel Albuquerque 90 Lakers View
BM, PG(Penny Greatest) 0 Not selected View