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Entry, Owner Score Champion
2020 NBA Playoffs, Caleb 310 Lakers View
Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Winna Take Allll, Nardi 310 Lakers View
Knicks 2022 NBA Champs, Wills Slater 275 Lakers View
T-bird, Tommy Brett 250 Lakers View
Chip , Chip Roriston 215 Lakers View
Caleb krohn doesn’t know the first thing about basketball, Senior Falcoñ 210 Lakers View
Lebrun will look old in the yoffs, Holden Miller 150 Raptors View
Bennett, Bennett 140 Clippers View
Tacko Tuesday , Jarek 110 Clippers View
Vitz_Picks_, Vitz 95 Clippers View
Dr. Locks , Jake White 90 Bucks View
Connors winning bracket , Sixers in six 75 Clippers View