Med boys

Created By: Sargun Bajaj

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
lol wut is bball, fc 275 Lakers View
Lakers ftw , Sargun Bajaj 270 Lakers View
RIP Kobe, Ethan Zhang 265 Lakers View
6, Kobe 225 Lakers View
bandwagon go brrr, Wallace 220 Lakers View
Bubble Lust, Igor 205 Lakers View
Radoodoo, Radu Pașca 130 Raptors View
Strip Club for Wings, Steven 110 Clippers View
Return of the Klaw, Aleksandar Borisov 110 Clippers View
Raps in 8, Dexter Choi 105 Clippers View
Bubble Boy, Jake McCallum 95 Raptors View