Hoops and Hardwood Bubble Bracket

Created By: BracketGod

8 members

Welcome to the 2020 Bracketology challenge! In this you compete with members from two aminos to have the best bracket, and the winner will receive a sum of 500 coins, and possibly a gift card.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Real, BracketGod 300 Lakers View
Slam Bracket , Slam 285 Lakers View
Bargros' 2020 NBA Playoff Bracket, Bargros 275 Lakers View
Josh’s Bracket, Josh 230 Lakers View
Hero’s Bracket , The Hero 230 Lakers View
Representatives bracket, Dribble2much 220 Lakers View
Luc's bracket, Luc Wijngaard 100 Clippers View
AB’s Bracket (Hoops), TheAnkleBreaker 80 Clippers View