Lima One Cup 2020

Created By: Justin Thompson

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
this could be bad., Stephanie Z. Dentino 170 Celtics View
Jordan Year, Lindsley 170 Lakers View
Swalker, Swalker 150 Lakers View
JP's Gut Picks, Jesse Paull 140 Bucks View
Davis, Davis 140 Lakers View
Diane's (read: Lukas's) Bracket, Diane 140 Clippers View
Seth vK, Seth von Kuhn 135 Bucks View
Colt's Bracket, Colt Fowler 130 Clippers View
Lebron = GOAT, Jared Newcomer 130 Lakers View
lima, Haydn Crumley 130 Celtics View
J. Tennyson, JGT 125 Lakers View
Ohio State , Jesse Cave 125 Not selected View
Anthony Davis's unibrow, The Champ is Here 125 Lakers View
K Duffy, K Duffy 125 Lakers View
Lauren, Lauren Morrison 125 Lakers View
Geoffrey S, Geoffrey Starling 125 Lakers View
Dornice Leamon Bracket, Dornice Leamon 115 Lakers View
Winnna Winna Chicken Dinna, Christian Groomes 115 Lakers View
Fun Guy , Stephen Livingston 115 Clippers View
The Monstars were better, Jake Berry 115 Bucks View
Buster Bracket , Nathan 115 Bucks View
Wall Street Seminoles, Brian Cauthen 110 Clippers View
The NBA is Mickey Mouse, Chris W. 110 Clippers View
Notorious PAK, Notorious PAK 110 Bucks View
JWO, John oldham 105 Clippers View
Deacon Dominance, Robert Neely 105 Bucks View
C. Marlar, Clay Marlar 105 Lakers View
Chicken Dinner!, "Hoops" McDonald (but not, because of my jewelry choices) 100 Bucks View
R Blair, Rankin Blair 100 Bucks View
L1, Benjamin Sendziak 100 Lakers View
Matt Lineberger, Matt L 100 Bucks View
Teachers Scantron, Drew Rutland 95 Lakers View
LeBron>Jordan, Alex Van Ness 95 Lakers View
Brady's Bracket, Brady Jackson 95 Bucks View
BC1, Barrett Clayton 95 Bucks View
Tim L, Tim Lawhorne 95 Lakers View
Picks by Marg, Marguerite McClary 90 Clippers View
Luka Da Draw , Will Bruce 90 Bucks View
JHS, Jamey Seay 85 Rockets View
2020 Playoffs (Satterfield), Austin Satterfield 85 Lakers View
Justin Thompson Bracket, Justin Thompson 80 Lakers View
It's Dame Time, Garner Simpson 80 Clippers View
The Winning Bracket, Chace Mullin 75 Clippers View
Dame Time, Alex Van Ness 55 Clippers View